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We are a web design firm in NYC. We are trying to recruit Independent Account Executives to sell our services and maintain client relationships. We've found it very difficult to find professionals willing to work on a commission only basis. (high commission).

Although many companies offer salaries and compensation packages, we would like to reward for performance, high performing account executives will be receiving high commission checks. Good for them, and good for us.

We've found in the past that salaried Account Executives do not perform as well as on a commission only basis.

Any ideas on how to recruit?

-- Mira Kolker (, November 26, 2000


Mira, when you are recruiting for commission only it has be balanced with a plan on how you are going to retain and create a culture inside your organization for salespeople to prosper. I looked at your website and it does not look like a marketing tool i.e. a top notch salesperson would ask themselves "How do I sell this?" While the website shows you are technically proficient it is not solutions orientated. Good commission salespeople like to tell their customers, this is how we bring value to your business, knowing the customer will go straight to the website but what they will actually see is a demonstration regarding the competency to create a flash page.

You will find difficulty for professionals to work on a commission only basis if reward is your only criteria. Sales people don't jump at the carrot of high commission but at the possibility that they will be successful, obtain recognition and work in a culture that seeks to retain them, as well as challenge them.

I've included a few articles, which should allow you create a more comprehensive plan in how to recruit good salespeople. If you are not selling your own company the way you expect a good salesperson to sell your service, guess what, you won't attract good salespeople.

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-- Mark Zorro (, November 27, 2000.

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