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Hi guys...

Having not ridden my bike for 3 weeks, (moving house & crap weather!) I came to start her up today & found a flat battery! does the alarm really cause that much drain?

Couple of questions: 1) How do you remove the battery? It looks like half the subframe has to come off just to get the thing out!

2) Will disconnecting the battery set off the alarm?

3) If it is a real pain to remove the battery, can it be charged safely on the bike? If so, any special type of charger needed?

4) How can I stop this happening again if not riding for a few weeks?

5) Is it possible to set the alarm to manual arming?

-- andy mac (, November 26, 2000


One solution is to use a trickle charger, which you can connect your bike when parked.

-- mod (, November 27, 2000.

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