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I have been requested to shoot a portrait in Black & white (Sepia tone). This shot will be outside and done with 6x6 square format. I have always used TMAX 100 processed by a pro lab. Results have been pretty good although I have never enlarged anything using this film. The enlargement will be to 20x20, sepia tone, and on canvas. I am wondering if anyone has enlarged TMAX 100 to that size and what the results were. I am also considering Ilford pan F-50. Anyone have any comments on this film? Also, I am thinking of adding a touch of fill with my flash.I will shoot some with no fill. I will be using a C330F. Any advice is appreciated. Rick

-- Rick Walker (, November 26, 2000


Rick, no problem enlarging T-Max 100 to that size, especially with medium format.

I don't think it is so much a question of what film to use - for technical reasons - as what film to use for aesthetic reasons. It really depends on what look you like, and what look will suit the subject. Since you say you have not enlarged T-Max 100, you won't know till you do.

Under your circumstances, I would shoot Ilford XP-2 Super @ 320.


-- Christian Harkness (, November 26, 2000.

The grain of Pan-F is no finer than Tmax100, but it has a different character. Personally, I wouldn't use Pan-F for portraits, the tonality can be a bit harsh.
If you haven't used fill-in flash before, be careful not to overdo it, it can look very artificial. A white reflector gives a softer fill, and you can see the effect straight away.

-- Pete Andrews (, November 27, 2000.

Use a tripod. At that enlargement, you don't want any extra camera movement.

-- Charlie Strack (, November 28, 2000.

I got the proofs back and was really impressed with the Ilford Pan F-50. I loved the contrast which is harsher than TMax but I think it will look much better in sepia tone. Thanks for all the response. Rick

-- Rick Walker (, November 28, 2000.

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