They just found another 500 ballots in Palm Beach County. How many more will be found? They should : LUSENET : TB2K spinoff uncensored : One Thread

get a search warrant,remove all the hidden ballots, and declare that absolutely no additonal ballots will be accepted. What a circus. The critera on which ballots will be counted is still evolving tonight as of 8:00 PM. Are there another 1000 or 2000 Gore ballots hidden in the cabinets for use if needed? The Judges would never allow a beauty contest to be handled this way where the first selection is based on beauty, talent and answers to questions. A contestants mother does not like the results, so the critera is changed to include long slender legs. The favored candidate did not win so the criteria is changed to the nicest smile. She still didn't win so it is changed to prettiest hair. She still didn't win so it was changed to personality and sense of humor. She still didn't win so they called for ANOTHER RECOUNT with the threat to go to Court if she did not win. The other judges are fed up. Enough is Enough. Of course the stupid Democrats in Palm Beach County who can't follow an arrow would never understand what is happening but the rest of the country should be able to see what is happening.

-- Frustrated Fred (Fred@recountrecount.con), November 25, 2000


I would admit that the situation leaves one saying, WTF? It isn't just ONE county, however, and it isn't even just these counties doing the recounts. Remember when New Mexico did a recount and "found" a bunch of extra ballots that it had missed the first time? These folks must have polling places that resemble my home office.

This county...that county...everywhere a county, county

-- Anita (, November 25, 2000.

I'm currently carrying 934 Gore ballots in protective liners in my stomach, to be used if needed. I hope they're not, though. You really don't want to know how I'm supposed to get them out.

-- (hmm@hmm.hmm), November 25, 2000.

Cesearian Section?

-- butt nugget (, November 25, 2000.

Sorry about that link. It seems they go away every hour. This is from 12:26am EST on now 11-26:

Florida Recount at a Glance By The Associated Press

Developments in the Florida presidential election recount:


--Statewide: Republican George W. Bush's unofficial lead is 464 votes if hand recounts and recertified totals from at least three Democratic-leaning counties are included. His official lead over Democrat Al Gore absent any ballots from these recounts is 930 votes. Broward County completed its manual recount Saturday night. Palm Beach County continued its hand recount Saturday.

--Broward County: With all 609 precincts and absentees recounted, plus 2,422 questionable ballots reviewed, Gore has a net gain of 567 votes, Broward County officials said. 0fficials finished their count Saturday night. Republicans complained that election officials were counting questionable absentee ballots.

--Palm Beach County: Results from 305 of 637 precincts showed Bush gained 10 votes, though that doesn't include tallies from weekend recounts showing double-digit Gore gains that officials have been slow to report.

--Bay County: The canvassing board voted Friday to accept 12 previously rejected overseas ballots. That resulted in a net gain of two votes for Bush.

--Brevard County: Bush picked up a net of eight votes after canvassing board members voted Wednesday to accept 20 previously rejected overseas absentee ballots.

--Clay County: Canvassing board voted Friday to accept 14 of 17 previously rejected overseas ballots. Bush had a net gain of 12 votes.

--Collier County: Bush picked up a net of one vote on Saturday. The canvassing board reconsidered 43 overseas ballots that had been rejected previously and accepted 17 of them. Of those, Bush received eight votes, Gore had seven and Ralph Nader had two.

--Duval County: Canvassing board voted Friday to accept 68 of 81 previously rejected overseas ballots. Bush had a net gain of 20 votes.

--Miami-Dade: Counting suspended on Wednesday. Only votes not counted by the Secretary of State are six votes for Gore from earlier sample hand count of three precincts.

--Nassau County: Canvassing board voted 3-0 Friday to use the Nov. 7 vote totals instead of the results of a recount which inadvertently missed about 200 presidential ballots. The action resulted in a net gain for 52 votes for Bush, including one overseas absentee ballot that the board decided to use for the total.

--Okaloosa County, the county canvassing board on Wednesday awarded two previously rejected overseas ballots to Bush. Both involved bad postmarks. No votes for Gore.

-- Anita (, November 26, 2000.

LOL hmmm!

-- cin (cin@cin.cin), November 26, 2000.

OF COURES GORE CAME OUT ON THE SHORT END! What is wrong with you people. The Republicans formed mobs and cults of doom to intimidate those vote counters. They put bad mojo on the whole process: kicking, screaming, yelling, punching, moshing, joshing, jiving, stage-diving, vote stealing striving their way into the presidency. They were making their three year-olds hold signs that read Bush/Cheney 2000, Happy Thanksgiving President Bush, and my personal favorite Gore is a Blood-Drinking Cultist Lizard From The Planet Gobar and A Red Chineese Communist Spy To Boot! Gore had more votes than they did and they knew it. 50,000,000 people can't be wrong. Gore is only the second president to get 50,000,000 votes in an election! This means he WON! (of course after all the votes are tallied, Bush will probably get over 50,000,000, but those are just meaningless statistics which the Republicans like to use to confuse the issue, besides Gore got 50,000,000 votes which means his is the clear winner).

-- butt nugget (Sounding@Quite.Hysterical), November 26, 2000.

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