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I need PAL, 16x9 (though will consider an anamorphic lens, if : this will work better than electronic), and true : progressive, ie. 25 fps non-interlaced for optimum transfer : to film capability. Will the winner be the Canon XL-1, the : XM-1, the Sony DCR-VX2000, or something else? Tell me what : and why...

-- dimpled chad (karmik@ihug.co.nz), November 25, 2000


It is so hard for people to choose for someone else. May I suggest that you visit Zdnet.com and bring up or "search" camcorders and they do a comparison on the Sony VX 2000 and the Canon GL1 on the specific features of both and they score each camcorder. That way you can look at what features are important to you and see which camera suits your wants and needs. On some features the Canon is chosen but the "winner" in the long run was the VX2000. However, if the audio is important to you then you may want the Canon. You may also want to read the Sony site bulletin (regarding the sound issue on the VX2000). Just for your information I recently purchased the VX2000 based on the Zdnet review and what was important to me. I have not yet experienced this so called "sound issue" and I do not regret AT ALL choosing the VX2000. I hope this info has been helpful to you. Good Luck.

-- M. King (mmk2345@home.com), February 16, 2001.

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