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> A Open letter to the rest of the country! > > > > Ok, here's the deal. We here in Florida have all gotten together and > > decided > > to hold the rest of the country hostage with these here election > > results till you > > come and take your parents back home with you! > > > > That's right, we're tired of hearing how good it was back home and how > > beautiful > > your children are. We can't stand it any longer! And where did they > > learn to > > DRIVE!!! > > > > We're running out of Depends down here, and it's gonna get messy. You > > want a > > president,,,,,We want the speed limit over 20 mph .......Is it a > > deal?.............. > > George W. you listening? How about you, Mr., Gore? > > > > Ya gettin this? We need a break, and quit sending the Canadians down > > here > > too! We mean it, We're not lettin the results out, we'll stall with > > law suits and > > claim ballot fraud, anything till you come and take the old farts outta > > here! .......... > >

-- STAN (, November 25, 2000


My wife will not let me come and get my parents. Bye-the-way I don't think my father has ever driven 20 except when he drive his tractor, he drives about 80 everywhere he goes. You keep my mom and maybe she will let me bring dad home.

-- Tom (, November 25, 2000.

Great post Stan! I saw a bumper sticker that says it all."Welcome to go home." And why is it that they ALL drive 20mph and STAY in the passing lane?

-- JT Sessions (, November 25, 2000.

Great post, Stan! Except, my parents are doing the same thing in Arizona. Maybe they will do this next election! Cute, tho, and I'll have to copy it off and send it to them. Jan

-- Jan in Colorado (, November 25, 2000.

I bought my farm about four years before being able to take early retirement. Was down for a weekend and was working on the grain bin. A pickup pulled in and the driver asked if I was a yankee or a damn yankee. Somewhat taken back I asked was the difference was. He said, "A yankee comes, spends his money and goes back home. A damn yankee stays." (Turns out he is a good friend of my neighbors and stopped in to say hello.)

-- Ken S. in WC TN (, November 26, 2000.

I'm rather glad I don't live there anymore.

Florida Native, born and raised there until I was 21 and got married to a Yankee from Pittsburgh, now living in Maryland and enjoy seeing the seasons change.

No need to wory about election recounts here. The Dems have all the kinks worked out of the voter fraud thing here and won by quite a margin.

I do miss the springs in the Ocala Nat. Forest.

-- Heather (, November 27, 2000.

What is the purpose of all the >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>????

-- mitch hearn (, March 29, 2001.

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