MSNBC has a winner in an up and coming reporter named Ashley. She was on Thursday : LUSENET : TB2K spinoff uncensored : One Thread

and today and tries to present both sides fairly, had good questions and tries to explain what is going on. It is refreshing to see the news instead of the liberal bias of some idiot who considers himself Gods gift to the viewers. I am sick of them trying to defend the indefensible. Its too bad news analyists of this caliber can not be hired by the major news networks or is it that the major networks will not let the reporters tell the truth?

-- Tom (, November 25, 2000


Tom- I have been following this election mess by bouncing back and forth between MSNBC and FOX. If you are speaking of the reporter with the short blonde hair who speaks rather rapidly I would agree with you. As you put it... "refreshing".

Sheesh... For the last hour or so, I have been watching MSNBC's live broadcast of the agonizingly slow Broward County hand counts. (I am suddenly struck with the realization that I truly must have no life!) Actually, it's kinda comical to watch this totally subjective vote counting farce in action.

-- CD (, November 25, 2000.

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