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Minox 8x11 camera can close focus to 20 cm, with an object field size of about 10x13.5 cm with an enlargement factor of 12.3x

1: 12 is no macro.

Macro photography is usually reseved for lens capable of 1x to 5x range.

With Minox 8x11, only if the object size is

is true Minox macrophotography.

Pictures taken at close range of 20cm with Minox 8x11 is only "close up" , not macro.

Close focus to 1: 12 is common place for 35mm lenses.

This can be clearly demonstrated with example from 35mm: a 50mm lens with close range of 12.3x has a close focus distance of 67 cm, which is no macro at all.

Zeiss Planar 50mm/f1.4 can close focus to 45cm, and that is 1:8, and nobody calls this lens a macro lens.

If you can zoom in on a piece of stamp or coin and fill the frame, that is what Minox macrophotography is all about.

Minox macrophotogrraphy can only be achieved by using afocal attachment lens.

-- martin tai (, November 25, 2000

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