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with the election in Florida. Lets see now. Most good attorneys get at least $200 per hr. and if they work 10 hour days this is $2000 per day for each attorney. $2000 times 500 is $1,000,000 per day plus plane tickets, hotel rooms, meal allowance etc. If an attorney decides to donate these services, does the value of these services have to be counted as a campaign contribution? I thought that the Democrat Party was close to the ceiling allowed for contributions unless they call this "soft money" or is it hard money? Are we to assume that the poor working person is making all of these contributions. Ha Ha Ha. Obviously the legal profession is some of the big contributors along with the labor unions and big business including the tobacco companies excluding Bill Gates and look what happened to Microsoft. Does this need to be investigated. Ralph Nader is right. The whole system is corrupt. $20,000,000 of legal services is not chump change. Should the courts be looking at this? The Republicians also needed funds for this but everyone knows that big business supports them so they probably have the funds in the bank.

I received an interesting call from Bob Smith, Senator from New Hampshire requesting contributions for his RIGHT TO WORK campaign so that union workers would not be forced to see their union dues used to support candidates that they did not agree with who are normally called Democrats. There was a Court ruling years ago that said that union workers has the right to challenge union officials or to refuse to pay the portion of the dues that were used for campaign purposes but that ruling is also being ignored. This may have been the BECK decision but am not sure. Another example of corruption. This post will probably get flack defending the practice. Is it legal to provide the Fla Supreme Court with an erroneous interpretation of a court ruling in another state such as Illnois? I can't see how the voting machine can make several types of chads in the ballots. We need to have Consumers Reports do a test of South Florida voting machines to demonstrate how the machine can make all of these varieties of ballot indications. The ones that the machines can not make will not be counted. Why didn't some one do this 20 years ago? Perhaps they did not want to lose the method used to steal the elections. I happen to work in a right to work state but I agree with his bill.

-- legal eagle (, November 24, 2000


"$20,000,000 of legal services is not chump change."

Hey, that's nothing compared to the $60,000,000 Kenny Starr spent pursuing the Presidential penis!

We're just getting warmed up. When we go after the Shrub the taxpayers are going to want to hang Republicans for starting the game of dirty politics.

-- LOL (payback@is.a.bitch), November 24, 2000.

one question:

Who instigated the first law suit in this election?

-- FutureShock (gray@matter.think), November 25, 2000.

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