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While Bill's a couple of notches left of Al I'd prefer him to Al as president. Bill's an honest man. Misguided perhaps (heh) but still the honest & forthright person that Al ain't. That matters to me and was wondering if among our lib population here, given the last week or so if some felt the same. This is a perfect opportunity of course to hide and say Bradley was my man along. Looking for the ever elusive honesty here. Any takers?

-- Carlos (, November 24, 2000


Bradley scored a dunk shot, but Gore cried "Foul!"

-- dinosaur (, November 24, 2000.


I don't think I've ever hidden my views on this one. I would have voted for McCain over Bush OR Gore in an eyeblink.

-- Anita (, November 24, 2000.

I would have voted for Bradley had he won the nomination, even IF McCain had won the Republican nomination. (I still wonder why McCain wasn't on the ticket.......but I digress.)

I've always liked the guy, but he's boooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrring.

Not saying that doesn't make a good President, but I do believe an "unwritten requirement" is to have a personality. Look at Ford (yes, I know he wasn't "elected", but let's use him as an example, OK?) ... really nice guy, but zero in the Personality Department.

I could be wrong (it's happened before [g].)

-- Patricia (, November 24, 2000.

Oh Patricia my dear. "Pesonality" has already cost us about as much as we can afford. Bill Bradley would have been just as boring as Al Gore but a better prez.

-- Carlos (, November 24, 2000.

Why settle for the three stooges - Bradley, Gore, and McCain when you can have a candidate of substance - GW BUSH!

-- 4 years of Bush (and@four.more), November 25, 2000.

I grew up a rabid NY Knickerbocker fan. That was the era of Dollar Bill Bradley and Dave DeBuschere (sp) at forwards, Walt "Clyde" Frazier and Earl "The Pearl" Monroe in the back court, Willis Reed and Jerry Lucas in the pivot. Had autographed pics of Clyde and Dollar Bill on my bedroom door for years.

Pick up Bradley's Life on the Run at the local library to catch a glimpse of his earlier years. Obviously a thoughtful, brilliant man. His latter book, published in the mid-1990's, bored me to tears. Nonetheless he did reveal inner workings of the Senate, the importance of learning the rules ASAP for purposes of strong-arming other senators (Robert Byrd of West Virginia is a prime example).

I trust Bradley as a man. I have doubts about his drive to decrease federal government spending in any appreciable manner. That's a core issue with me. He'd raise taxes to keep a balanced budget rather than cut social programs, IMO.

The short answer is I'd take Bradley over Gore in a NY minute. Give me integrity first. We'll sort out policy issues as we go.


-- Bingo1 (, November 25, 2000.

Carlos, I'm puzzled as to why you would put "pesonality" in quotes like that; I didn't mis-spell it.

I'm also puzzled why you are apparently arguing with me; what you posted is, in essence, what I stated was my belief.

Thought I covered that in the first sentence: "I would have voted for Bradley had he won the nomination, even IF McCain had won the Republican nomination."

(Besides, if you want to talk about "personality" being a drawback, let's talk about the Reagan Years, shall we?)

-- Patricia (, November 25, 2000.

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