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Well, Romano is such an ass under normal circumstances, I always wondered what would happen if someone legitimately screwed up. Now I know. I was just cringing watching him ream Elizabeth. Can you imagine screwing up that badly and having to answer to Romano? Ouch. Throwing the lawsuit papers at her was a nice "Romano" touch, I thought. And while we're at it, who *was* that bimbo who was waiting for him? She had b**ch written all over her. What a wonderful companion for Rocket. If they ever have a fight, I'm buying tickets.

-- Rubi (, November 24, 2000


I hate to be the one to say it, but Robert is not always bad. Remember "All in the Family"? He was always pretty nice to Lucy. I miss her!

-- Heather (, November 24, 2000.

Robert isn't "bad". He's just an egotistical jerk who thinks he's better than everyone else in everything. I'm sure everyone knows someone like that. What I'd like to see is HIM screw something up.

-- AmyE (, November 24, 2000.

I wonder if Romano was upset about Lucy because she died or if he was worried about being sued by her mom. I know that sound stupid but we haven't heard of any lawsuits from the Knight family so I'm guessing he's back to himself now that the hospital didn't get sued. I miss Lucy too!

-- Andie (, November 24, 2000.

Andie- Come on now. Do you honestly think that Romano acted like that in AITF because he knew there may be lawsuits from Lucy and Carters families? Please give me a break. He may be cold hearted most of the time but even he would be upset if someone he knew died like that. Who wouldn't?

-- Cammie (, November 24, 2000.

I know that respose was a dumb one but I can't figure out why he only showed concern and sadness for her and noone else. He didn't even care about Bentons nephew.

-- Andie (, November 24, 2000.

Well, I think that Lucy had a special place in Romanos heart. Remember how she insisted on that heart transplant (if I remember correct), she even went to his house. I think he liked her, cuz she had guts. She wasn't scared of him. Just a thought.

-- Ina (, November 24, 2000.

I agree. She didn't always stand up for herself with Carter, but she did have guts. Remember "The Good Fight"? She was NOT going to give up. And I did get the impression that banging on Romano's door impressed the heck out of him.

-- Rubi (, November 25, 2000.

Rocket cares about some people (and dogs, too), but only to a certain extent. I'm sure if Elizabeth got stabbed, he'd be on the job doing everything he could to save her. However, other people's personal traumas, like getting sued, are not Romano's first priority, especially if they are likely to cost Romano money or stature (no pun intended). If Elizabeth did screw up, her boss would be right to read her the riot act.

As for Rocket's hot date...I didn't assume she was a hooker. I can actually see certain types of women being attracted to him, as long as they didn't have to work for him. He's got quick (if sarcastic) wit, and he does have money. He'd probably show a woman a pretty good time. But hey, who knows? ;)

-- Cecelia (, November 25, 2000.

This scene reminded me of the early one's, with Morganstern leaving with a blond date. Although he was a lot nicer than Romano.

-- Elaine (, November 25, 2000.

In some respects, Romano was right to crawl all over Corday. She did screw up, he had to clean up and now they are facing a lawsuit. The way he does it is typical Romano. I think too he did care about Lucy and Carter. He is arrogant and self serving but he can care- look at the concern he had over his dog. I'm telling you though- he needs a domineering woman to slap him into shape.

-- Minnie (, November 25, 2000.

I agree w/ Minnie! Romano is one of my favorites, and I'd like to see him with a REAL woman, not a "trophy" ... but somehow I see Romano, since he's not only a rich doctor but a short, balding rich doctor with a teensy Napoleon complex (ha ha), going for the models. I always wanted to see he and Elizabeth at least go out on a date ... she would definitely have put him in his place.

-- Cindy (, November 27, 2000.

I think though he is a jerk, his jerkiness is traceable. His actions are vindictive--he seemed to react to Elizabeth's mistake moreso because she had rushed to be with Mark (another hospital employee she dated besides Romano--though she gave him the excuse that she didn't date coworkers). And with Benton--he seems still pissed that Benton used him for fellowships and positions and then was quick to betray him. I, of course, don't think his behavior is justified, but his meanness is very personal....

-- sharon (, November 27, 2000.

Just a question, why should Romano care about Benton's nephew, he didnt knew him previously. He did work with Lucy and could sympathize with her. Was he supposed to cry just because it was a coworker's (and not exactly his favorite coworker) relative? I dont think so.

-- jules (, November 29, 2000.

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