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Evening all... I note the importance of keeping the machine clean.. Does anyone routinely clean the top steel filter retained behind the main o-ring sealing the gruppo assembly. When flushing the group after a session , I note the run thru is tainted brown. I have this paranoid fear that rancid oils are poised to ruin my day, and terminate my crema with extreme predjudice. Also .. how do we stand on leaving water in the machine....Boiled...sterilised, what do you think?

many thanks

Simon Haskell, london, uk

-- simon Haskell (, November 24, 2000


Most definately. I clean mine out about once a week (although use my machine everyday). Be careful. Should the O-ring get too lubricated then the filter and ring fall out. Good luck.

Jesse Naples (Napoli) Italy

-- Jesse Amador (, September 19, 2004.

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