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Mike Hancock CBE MP (Lib Dem) has tabled an Early Day Motion (EDM 1102) criticising lenders, especially Abbey National, over mortgage shortfall 'debt' recovery. The signatures supporting the EDM are coming in slowly but surely. Has your MP signed? Every signature will count.

The EDM states:

"That this House denounces the unacceptable tactics used by lenders, specifically Abbey National Bank, to try to force settlements on debts which they will not properly substantiate; notes that such tactics breach the Mortgage Code, while lenders are not being held to account; condemns mortgage shortfall debt recovery by lenders such as Abbey National Bank many years after repossession; and therefore calls upon the Government to take the necessary steps to ensure borrowers are given the protection they deserve from lenders intent on maximising their profits at any expense."

Please ask your MP to sign it. If you don't know who your MP is, use the House of Commons web site search engine - you type in your address and it tells you who your MP is. You can also email him/her from this facility. The web address is:

Click on FAQ's - 'Who is my MP?'

Congratulate and support Mike Hancock on:

or write to Mike Hancock MP at: House of Commons, London SW1 0AA.

See a report of the EDM and Abbey's reaction to it on Mrs Cohen's highly regarded financial web site:

This is an extremely important campaign and it needs all your help. Getting more MPs on our side could just tip the balance. We *can* win this fight!

Thanks, Eleanor.

-- Eleanor Scott (, November 24, 2000


The actual Early Day Motion can be viewed on the House of Commons EDM Database at:

-- Eleanor Scott (, November 24, 2000.

I would agree with everything Eleanor has said. As I have written before, if you shout loud enough you will be heard.

This morning I have received a letter from Bob Russell, my MP, who signed the EDM AFTER I contacted him. I have been invited to meet him (no not one of his collegues) and am doing so on 9th December. Prior to that he has asked for copies of all correspondence and says that he will 'make representations on my behalf'. I fully appreciate that it may have no effect at all but it is sure as hell great to receive a positive welcoming letter in the post for a change.

So, everybody, contact your MP ask them to sign the motion and if they do not ask them why not. The matter is at the top a a big pile so make noise NOW before it gets buried again.

The only other good news from me is that I have heard nothing since my last letter was sent on 16th Novemeber - that's not long I hear you say - but considering they were sending 2 a week and replying on the day of receipt it gives me hope I am getting somewhere - what are the odds on a letter on Monday then?

I repeat Eleanors words: This is an extremely important campaign and it needs all your help. Getting more MPs on our side could just tip the balance. We *can* win this fight!

-- Matt (, November 25, 2000.

A bit I forgot - don't forget that this motion, although quoting the Abbey, IS NOT just about them but about every lender and insurance company. The more names that are brought to MP's attention the sooner they will see how big the problem is.

Also, point them to this excellent web site so they can see for themselves. From the wording of the letter I have got it appears that Bob Russell (or someone working with him) has visited this site.

-- Matt (, November 25, 2000.

This is a VERY important campaign that needs everyone that is currently , or has been a victim of the unacceptable tactics of lenders and their agents, to contact their MP and encourage them to sign the EDM. I have now Emailed the Conservative Party to raise this issue with them.

Their web site is:

If your MP is a Tory like mine and hasn't signed, you might like to ask him and the Conservatives, why not? Select the Feedback button at the top of the first page on the Conservative's site. Unfortunately they don't seem to have any subject headings for repossession or social issues so you will have to use "Other" for your message.

Every signature counts and will help in the fight to make not only the Abbey National stop this injustice but also other lenders such as the Halifax etc.

Thanks, Tony.

-- Tony Hayter (, November 25, 2000.

My MP has been invaluable in my fight against the lenders,he has acted, more or less, as a surrogate solicitor---which brings me to the point that Eleanor is trying to make. Contact your MP's, they may not hold a lot of weight individually but together they can be a force to be reckonned with. The EDM from Mike Hancock is proof of this. I emailed 48 MP's and received only 11 replies but on looking at the EDM signatures I noticed that quite a few of them were on my mailing list. If you don't contact them they may well be unaware of this shortfall fiasco--come on--it's worth the cost of a phone call or a stamp if it moves the Government towards a change in legislation. I thank you!

-- jacky jones (, November 26, 2000.

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