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Anyone notice that the Fire Chief was the same actor as the Fire Chief in 'Exodus'? Good continuity.

-- AmyE (, November 24, 2000


Response to Good Continuity

Yes, he's been in a few episodes I think. I like when they keep the same "guest" characters, especially when we have no idea what happens to so many others (like CCH Pounder's character, Jerry, and Bob.) I also really like the pathologist -- it was great to see her again recently when Luka went into the path lab to see the mugger he killed.

-- Cindy (, November 24, 2000.

That was pretty cool seeing the same fire chief again. It's nice when these little characters pop up now and then

-- Laura (, November 24, 2000.

Speaking of contiunity in "Rescue Me," did anyone else notice that the Chen kitchen was the same kitchen that Carter went to to talk to Deb after she left the guidewire in that man's chest and decided to quit medicine?

Go continuity experts on that show--they should be renting out their business. They could make a killing.

-- Lynda (, November 24, 2000.

The actor playing the fire chief is Ed Lauter. He is a familiar character actor, who has played unsympathetic authority figures.

-- Zorbo (, November 25, 2000.

I agree that for the most part they do a good job with this...the kidney patient that Peter has been on a few times too. But it seems that other times they get things so glaringly wrong! Its just weird. I didn't notice Chen's kitchen -- good catch!

-- amanda (, November 30, 2000.

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