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I`ve been using a 8x10 Century with a Wollensak Portrait lense (dial shutter) for about a year now.I mostly do nudes outdoors,I`ve had alot of luck with it,I taught myself how to use it.Is there anybody else who is using this type equipment? My whole set up is turn of the Century(20th), film holders are 1930s.I`ve been shooting on Ilford B&W 125.I`m not really having any problems just curious about others experiences.

-- Chris (, November 24, 2000


I am using an 8x10 Century for wetplate photography. I had an 8x10 wetplate holder made for it. My lenses are 1850s and 1860s. I also use a process lens on occasion.

I do upto 8x10 negatives and ambrotypes with it. Its a great camera as long as you dont need to have any front movements.

-- Robert Szabo (, February 26, 2001.

Robert,I think we have met.I used to be into reenacting alot.I`ve taken Mark and Frances`collodion class in Rochester and I`m currently building a wetplate camera.Maybe we`ll see each other at the convention they`re having at the Eastman House. Chris

-- Chris King (, February 27, 2001.

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