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Does anyone know how to ask for the above details - I have asked the Eversheds on a number of occasions. They either state that the statement of completion is all that is required in a court, or that I should refer to my mortgage statement during life of mortgage.

In fact the last letter just says the Nationwide will not release any further documentation. So all I have is [1] a page from a freebee newspaper with lots of more expensive, similar properties surrounding my cut price home (and a note in the corner of the page pertaining to an offer made on my property) [2] 2 best price certificates from the esate agents and a surveyors (both of whom are part of the same company please note).

My last letter requested valuation details, and info relating to the balance, both of which are ignored with threats of a Statuatory demand for full sum plus interests plus costs. So Iam being punished for requesting info, which I believe, am entitled to.

Any comments would be appreciated and thank you everybody who has helped me in the last few months. I am going back into hospital again soon so please dont be offended if I dont reply quickly.


-- Rob Dodd (, November 24, 2000


Hi Rob

I see Eversheds are being their usual polite and helpful selves!

If they won't give you the documentation you ask for, then you could write back and say that without copies of the supporting documentation to their completion statement, then there is little else you can do. You are not admitting any liability for any debt until you can be shown supporting figures justifying their claim and that you are indeed liable.

Basically the ball is back in their court, you could just wait until they issue proceedings (if they ever do) and use the discovery procedure to get the documents you want.

No doubt Eversheds will keep on writing to you threatening all sorts. If they do, or their debt collectors do, then just write back calmly stating your position and that you can do nothing until you have the necessary docs.

Even if they did issue a statutory demand (which I doubt they will) then they still have to back up their claim, and when you put in your defence, the courts aren't going to be very happy.

There are some sample letters in the "Lenders Shortfall Letters" section to help.

keep your chin up and get well soon


-- pendle (, November 24, 2000.

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