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I contemplate a new biz that would target professional firms such as management consulting, accounting, PR, advertising, personal banking, investment banking, securities dealers, financial planners, law firms. I was unable to locate a good source(s) that would break down these firms by revenues, number of employees, number of partners, by layers of management such as executive and mid management.

Any help, assistance, support, suggestions and/or guidance is very much appreciated.

-- Kader Afif (, November 23, 2000


Kadir, if I was doing this, I would isolate how research firms break these into sectors and follow that route. Eg Hoovers break down their sectors of which financial services, banking, diversified services and media would be of interest to you. As for layers of management that would require a more personal inspection and networking to determine to build up your information database. I also use to save articles that I find and set up information categories. Ultimately, it is about developing your information base based on questions you need to formulate and obtain answers for. Generic information and secondary data only gets you so far.

See,2187,73,00.html as an example.

Good luck with your efforts and thank you for your e-mail earlier today.

-- Mark Zorro (, November 24, 2000.

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