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This forum seems to be run over by a few who want to intimidate others into keeping their opinions and ideas to themselves. Instead of debating an opinion or idea, those that play thought police try to keep you from posting by ridiculing you, or stealing your thread and changing the subject, or engaging in an endless game of ego massaging. For those who would like to express their opinion or idea, "just do it", and ignore those who want you to shut-up. After awhile, just like small children, most will no longer be amused and move on to another toy. Of course there are those who will be relentless in their attacks and if so, remember, their sole purpose is to try and silence what they consider opposing ideals by trying to deny you your first amendment right of freedom of expression through ridicule, insult and intimidation. (Not unlike the PC movement) This is a free country and a free forum, don't let the thought police silence you. Others and I are interested in what you have to say. So, express what you think and feel, and ignore those who bait you. They don't want a debate, they don't want your opinion, they want you to be silent. If you are silent, they win. Be a winner.

-- UR2Blame (UR2Blame@UPOWER.COM), November 23, 2000


I say AMEN to that! I used to post some real interesting articles on this forum. However everytime I did, the articles were bombarded with negativism. It has been over a year now since I have made a contribution.

Occasionally I check out this forum, but everytime I do, I stil see the same old negative remarks. This forum has become the home of a bunch of idiots, that have nothing good to say about anything!!!!

-- freddie the freeloader (, November 24, 2000.


-- ddd (, November 24, 2000.


Give it another spin dude,theres alot of good people here,I for one would like to hear what ya got to say and I'm sure I'm not alone.And to a degree it's like RL,theres an asshole in every crowd.Chime in!

-- capnfun (, November 24, 2000.

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