Kodak Junior 620 Folding Camera (german production)

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A few weeks ago i have got a Junior 620 Folding camera at eBay. The Junior 620 was listed as a Box-Camera on this Site. If there two different models existing? The camera cames in a brown leather-pocket and with a german instruction book. This was the first time, that i had heard about the 620-Film. First i think it was a 120-Film camera, and i have tried to load a 120-Film, and after cutting two little Edges from the Plastic-Roll, it works with the 120, but the winding was very hesitate and sticky. Then i detected the two guide-pins for the smaller 620-Roll inside the camera-cover on the top of the back and grinding it smaller with a dremel. After this "conversion" it works very fine and easy with 120-Film and take good Pictures on 400 ASA-Colorfilm too!

Greetings form Germany


P.S. Today i have got my second Kodak: a "No. 2-A Folding Authographic Brownie". It is in a good working condition and i will try to order some 116-Films from USA.

-- Carsten Corleis (grey-wolf@t-online.de), November 23, 2000


re:Kodak Junior 620 Folding Camera (german production)

Hi Carsten,

The listing you saw on this site is a "Brownie", your camera is a Kodak "non-Brownie" so there are 2 different cameras, sort of.

Your Kodak Junior 620 was manufactured in Germany from 1933-39 with a variety of lenses. I'll send all the info I have about it to you, there's too much to list here.

If you like, think about submitting some images to the gallery....

Chuck The Brownie Camera Page

-- Chuck (chuck@browniecamera.com), November 24, 2000.

Pictures, taken with Kodak 620 Junior

Tommorow i will enter my darkroom and make some Prints of the Negatives. The best i will digitize and send it to you for your gallery. My first Film was a little bit underexposured, because the large format 6x9cm needs more exposure then normal "Kleinbildfilm" (i donīt know the english word for the normal 24x35mm Film in modern Cameras). In my second film i have increased the datas from my lightmeter, means to exposure the 400 ASA Film like a 150 ASA, and it works well.

Greetings from Germany


P.S. Please pardon my poor english :-)

-- Carsten Corleis (grey-wolf@t-online.de), November 24, 2000.

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