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I have a black and white newspaper picture of an ACL passenger train with what appears to be an E7A but having a number of #522. The photo is almost head on so the side has limited detail available. As I understand, ACL had a group of E7's numbered from #524 - #543 delivered from 1945 thru 1948. Is there a roster of locomotive numbers and the equipment type available where I might be able to identify the equipment in this photo.

Also, I would appreciate directions to color photos or ACL E3, E6, and E7 locomotives that are available online.


Ed McNair

-- William Edward McNair (, November 23, 2000


According to Warren Calloways book on the ACL. 522 was a E6. There is a photo of 522 at Rocky Mount on page 97.As for Photos do you want Purple & Silver or post 1957 Black & Yellow shots.

-- Alan Ashworth (, November 23, 2000.

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