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I heard that China was selling nuclear missle information to Iraq and Pakistan, We have a law in this country which prohibits doing this, and if a country does so then we will stop trading with that country {sanctions). Our fearless leaders gave China a waiver for having been caught! Why can our leaders break our laws at will?

-- Richard V. Miller (, November 23, 2000


Check out the info in or the Drudge reportfor details on Russia - Iran sales. It will make you wretch. (Better wait until after Thanksgiving.)

-- Ed Weaver (, November 23, 2000.

Why can our leaders break our laws at will? Because "we the people" let them.

While the media and congress was focusing on the sex with Monica lies and impeachment, Clinton was selling us out to China BIG TIME and you didn't hear a peep from the lapdog media or so-called "concerned" congressmen.

China now has full control of the Panama Canal. China has all our nuclear "secrets," top Chinese Communists military generals are welcome guests at the pentagon and most other strategic military command posts, Hillbillary and the U.N support China's so-called population control policies of forced abortions and infanticide, and their murder and imprisonment of the criminally religious.

Meanwhile, we have to shop twice as long and do without just to avoid buying "MADE IN CHINA" crap. It isn't hard to guess what the Red Chinese will be exporting to our soil next, is it?

-- Laura (, November 23, 2000.

Part of the explaination for this state of affairs has SOMETHING to do with the champain funds that China gave the Clinto re-election campaign four years ago. The current administration is not dumb, or blind. They are EVIL. When I heard about this agreement in the news a few days ago, I wanted to scream at the radio. I think I DID raise my voice! How stupid are the American Sheeple? When China started threatening Taiwan recently, the American gov't. told them, "Hands off." China told us to mind our own buisness, since the U.S. didn't want to lose all those cities on it's west coast!!!! Our so called "friends" threatened us, with atomic technology that more than likely, they perfected with military secrets that they got from us!!!!! Some kinda friends, huh?

Didn't we supply a great deal of the raw materials that Japan used to make ships and planes that they later used to attack us??? And does anyone remember the British, pre-WWII political cartoon that was in my High school history book???? It was drawn right after Hitler attacked and devoured yet another Eropean country, and Prime Minister Chamberlin went to have a talk with Hitler. Chamberlin came back with an "agreement," saying, "We will have peace in our time." The cartoonist showed a wall with a huge gaping hole, and a paper sign taped across the wall saying, "I will be good. Signed, Adolf." Chamberlin was sitting the the grass in front of the hole, knitting, secure in Hitler's promise to behave himself, amongst the frolcking lambs. It was very shortly thereafter that Great Britian itself became a victim of Hitler's ambitions.

"The only history we repeat is the history we don't know."

-- Leann Banta (, November 24, 2000.

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