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"Ombudsman accuses banks of trying to avoid code of practice"

The Guardian - Thursday November 23, 2000

Full story at:,3604,401655,00.html

The article states that in the first 9 months of 2000 the Banking Ombudsman scheme received a record 14,583 written complaints. Of these only 604 resulted in a formal decision ! My views on the scheme remain unchanged.

I believe that the Ombudsman is not stating anything in the article that countless shortfall victims are not already fully aware of! Maybe he should visit the Home Repossession Page web site and see how long this scandal has been getting talked about. One only has read about my shocking experiences with the Halifax!

The article reports that a revamped code of practice will be introduced in January 2001. It will remain to be seen if the flexible words like "usually","may" etc used with regard to the Bank's repossession practices will still remain in the revamped version. Anybody like to give odds?

-- Tony Hayter (, November 23, 2000



-- Rob Dodd (, November 23, 2000.

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