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I just had an interesting thought . . . knowing Kerry's family history with her being adopted and trying to find her mother, that this will come into play with Deb's decision to give her baby up for adoption? I don't think Deb knows about Kerry's history, but it would be interesting if the viewers got to see this conversation of Kerry sharing her "history" with Deb. Anyone else think this might play a role in Deb's decision??

-- Kimberley (, November 23, 2000


I think it would be interesting to see such a conversation, and also Deb's reaction to it.

However, I guess the way Kerry usually acts she would definitely NOT try to influence Deb in her decision in any way, that is, I believe she might not tell her something like: 'You know it was really hard for me when I first learnt I was adopted'. Actually, I think she would not even mention her adoption to Chen, even though she would probably want Chen to keep the baby.

Just my two cents :-)

-- Anne (, November 23, 2000.

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