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Greetings everyone! Does anyone have or know of a set of plans for building a good, functional chicken tractor? I want to build one for layers and one for broilers this winter so as to be ready to go in the spring. I could be creative and figure it out myself by just wingin' it (I'm a finish carpenter by trade), but I would much rather learn from folks who have done it and know the best design than waste time "reinventing the wheel." So, my question is, does anyone have or know of a source for a good diagram or set of plans for chicken tractors? For layers AND broilers? Conventional and/or PVC? Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Matthew Chapman

-- Matthew Chapman (, November 23, 2000


Matthew: I don't recall offhand what site has them but I've seen plans on the web. Try a search for chicken tractors and a search for "feathersite" that has loads of links for poultry stuff. Good luck.

-- john leake (, November 23, 2000.

I bought my father the book last spring. he had a rooster Tractor and a goose tractor. He would drage the rooster tractor around his acerage with a garden tractor and plans on planting fruit trees there next year. Th goose tractore just stayed put so the critters could tend the straw berrys. My folks have always had rabbits or other small stock as long as i can remeber. And yes I had to help take care of them. Roast bunny or goose tastes GOOD for thanksgiving. Have a nice Thanksgiving. Red Hen

-- red hen (, November 23, 2000.

The Chicken Tractor allows the chooks to graze, but they're still confined:


Here's a bunch of plans for coops and also some different kinds of tractors:

-- ~Rogo (, November 28, 2000.

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