Newsflash The Illnois Supreme Court Ruling relied on by the Florida Supreme Corurt was wrongly reported. That case said that the dimpled chads were NOT COUNTED. The Florida Supremes relied : LUSENET : TB2K spinoff uncensored : One Thread

on a biased and incomplete interpretation of the Illnois case. Although the quote from the Illnois Case was correct, that interpretation ignored the ruling in the same case that the dimpled chads could not be counted that was included in the trial court ruling and not overturned. This information was developed by Investigative Reporters who looked at the Illnois Court Records as reported on the Chris Mathews "Hardball" Program on MSNBC at 10:05 PM Wednesday night. The Bush people are apparently appealing to the Florida Supreme Court that their ruling was based on the wrong interpretation of the Illnois case. There is one man with intergrity in this whole fiasco. The Palm Beach County Elections Board Judge with grey hair has been consistently correct and unbiased in his rulings so far. (Name escapes me)

Mr. Gore, you said last night that you would concede if you lost at a time when you thought you were winning. Now that you have lost, when can we expect you to concede? It is over. You will not win a majority of votes in Florida even after attempting to get the Florida Supreme Court to buy your arguement which turned out to be unsupported by the facts in Illnois. If the Illnois case was so important, apply the correct answer to the Florida situation. Why is the Democrat Party trying to run roughshod over the Miami-Dade County Election Officials? They can see that Mr. Gore has lost and they have twice decided that THEY DO NOT WANT ANOTHER RECOUNT. Twice now they have tried to stop the recount. Twice the party has tried to overrule them. This is a pathetic display of arrogance by the party. This is not the Democrat Party that people remember and thought that they belonged to. Some day they will wake up. With the level of intelligence demonstrated by the voters in Palm Beach County, it make take several years but the truth will come out.

-- Florida voter (, November 22, 2000


Florida voter, Your right on the money, the Supreme Court of Flada did indeed misinterpret the Illinois case as the lawyer involved in the defense has indiated. THis particular case was "handed" to the court by the Gore legal team. Unfortunately, this "fact" will not matter to this particular court. Peeeeeeyouuuuuuuu....;)

-- David (, November 22, 2000.

Where do we order our Bush 2004 bumper stickers?

-- butt nugget (, November 23, 2000.

Wiseacre -

"...the dimpled chads were NOT COUNTED. The Florida Supremes..."

{Even I know that the only legitimate dimpled Supremes hail from The Motor City}.

-- flora (***@__._), November 23, 2000.

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