It is obvious that very powerful people are manipulating this election behind the scenes to shift the lead back and forth and to delay a winner for : LUSENET : TB2K spinoff uncensored : One Thread

as long as possible to achieve some unknown objective. They have full control of the media, The Florida Supreme Court, the stock market, the Federal Reserve, the banks and the other major power centers to keep attention centered on the election. This is worse than the O J Simpson trials which were also a travesty. It is obvious that they decide to push the stock market up, sell stocks, push it down, buy stocks and know and control when the market will turn by the balance of buy and sell orders that they control. It idiot investors listen to the talking heads on TV like a bunch of lemmings and soon will be jumping off the cliff. Earnings MAY DECLINE. What a farce. They have been declining for months and what little earnings there are are due to stock market speculation, creative accounting and fraudulent balance sheets. Keep the game going until Al Gore can be "elected". What is the hidden agenda? Something is going on in the Mideast. Is one of the ongoing battles about to explode into fullblown war? Will the US be involved? Does Al Gore care? Why is he so determined to prevent the military votes from being counted? Michael Medved (Talk show host in Washington State) was on C Span around 6 PM EST tonight. He was very upset and depressed that Al Gore had called him on the air before the polls closed in Washington State and the discussion centered around the apparent lead that Gore had nationwide which would tend to discourage voters in Washington State from going to the polls. This was clearly a calculated move by Mr. Gore to keep people from going to the polls in Washington State as he called the radio station. Now Gore is ahead in Washington State and Mr. Medved is upset that he may had inadvertently contributed to Mr. Gores victory by letting him on the program. He is definitely not a Gore supporter and Gore probably knew that. Intelligent campaigning or sneaky politics? How can Mr. Gore identify and take advantage of these opportunities and be so stupid in other areas as to let his campaign write a 5 page memo on how to disqualify military voters. The whole issue on the chads is the Democrats refuse to recognize that some people were interested in other races and chose not to vote for either presidential candidate and he is trying to steal these votes by having the Democrat Poll workers determine the INTENT of the voters. Of course there is no call to determine the intent of the voters in the areas with high republican majorities. The powers that be wanted no winner in this election so that they could : keep Clinton in Office? throw the election into the Courts, or the House of Representatives? or other ulterior purpose. The people will lose and the country becomes a laughingstock. Is this so that it will be easier for the United Nations to move in and take control? Who knows? It does not look good for the country or for our freedoms.

-- Socrates (Socrates@liberty.gone), November 22, 2000


Heres my take on this "plan"(and please dont be put off by my ID-- Im quite humble!)

Ive been saying for at least 2 years that Clinton will not leave office. His complete disregard for the law, for morals, for accountability(clearly displayed in the impeachment "trial", lying under oath, lying to the Amer. people, verifiable and credible rape allegationS(plural), ect ect. even that bizarre pose in Esquire) shows that he will do EVERYTHING IN HIS POWER TO STAY IN POWER.

WE WILL have a "crisis" before this election is resolved. BC will suspend the constitution(He HAS THE POWER and for all practical purposes it is suspended for BC anyway) and he will "sacfifice his retirement" to "help" America thru this crisis. This will happen in the very very near term. Believe me he WILL NOT leave. This election BS is more of a joke than the OJ trial and the American people will not wake up because "the trains run on time" and we have football.

Its a great time to be alive. We give thanks to G-d annually for this great country, His blessings and for the freedom from a state imposed religion. Happy Thanksgiving.

P.S. All those Y2K bunkers and emergencgy command centers were built by the Clinton Admin. for a purpose, no?

-- Imaginative (I know it, November 22, 2000.

I posted days ago that if Gore would not be the next President, then BJ Bill would remain in office.

The current political confusion is quite annoying to many Americans.

Has anyone noticed how BJ Bill is still smiling and so complacent?

What does he know that we don't know?

-- dinosaur (, November 22, 2000.

I really hate the word "stupid", but there is a time eventually when a guy just doesn't know what else to say.

-- Carlos (, November 23, 2000.

It's the real reason the Clinton administration and its puppet-masters want to get our guns. Short of this, knowing who has what will greatly aid in the "big roundup" when they are ready to move. Are we ready patriots? When they come for your neighbor you'd best rally to his aid. Resist tyranny.

-- Patriot (, November 23, 2000.

Kindergarten must be out for Thanksgiving, why they always end up here I do not know.

-- Uncle Deedah (, November 23, 2000.

What Carlos said. And Unk, if that's true, then we have four days of this to look forward to.

Uh, Socrates, next time you think you could insert a paragraph break or two?

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

-- Patricia (, November 23, 2000.

My take on this:

The Florida votes are purposely being manipulated to explain away "a nervous stock market" that does "not like indecision". To me this means "they're" ready to let the market crash and in the process create a "problem" with the electoral college that must be remedied by an ammended constitution so this "uncertainty" will "never happen again".

I predict Bush gets in as prez because the dems don't want to be associated with a stock market crash.

Clinton probably gets to go onto a bigwig job at the UN.

-- seeker (, November 23, 2000.

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