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Are there any success stories out there? Has any one been taken to court? Has anyone had theirs written off?

We have over the past five years been threatened with court, high court, bankruptcy,attatchment of earnings and to date nothing has been done. We have now got the new policy statement. It offers us the chance to halve our debt- which would still be greater than Eversheds offer of 3000 total settlement, something which we could not afford back then.

-- stressesd out by abbey (, November 22, 2000


Please see my posting a little further up the Q&A board about lenders being criticised in parliament by MPs. You have got to tell your own MP, and especially Mike Hancock MP, about this. Mike Hancock is *very* interested in the way in which Abbey National is treating people. Put Abbey in the spotlight. I'd like to see them defend their current tactics to a parliamentary select committee.

Good luck.

-- Eleanor Scott (, November 24, 2000.

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