Darth Gore the Saga

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Darth Gore The Saga continues:

Darth Gore breaths a sign of relief.. The Superior Seven saved him from the endless realms of the unknown..

He Stood stern, almost robotic like in front of the Podium as he addressed the Universe. "The League of Seven has brought me back to life" he proclaims. "I will conquer Bush Skywalker...it is my duty.." his words hit like daggers as his none followers are held hostage amoung the Dark Forces. His Powerful Storm Trooper Attorneys proudly beam as their Master slams his fits down..."It is my duty to re-invent the internet, chad counting and yes to change laws.. This is better and a just way.. This is the Force of The Dark side.."

but little does Darth Gore know..Bush Skywalker is not defeated.. and the faith and trust of the people held hostage in Gores Regime will be set free.. The Nation will be free one day again..

-- Story Teller (sleepless_inpa1@yahoo.com), November 22, 2000

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