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Hey....I was thinking....I have been taking guitar for a few months now...know how to read music, lots of chords and all my notes. I would be willing to give weekly lessons on the basics via the internet if anyone is interested!!!It would be the basics....we could use the same book I have learned from...with diligence, practice theres no reason why anyone couldn't pick this up as well. What it would entail: the student to purchase the same book as I have ($5. 95) to have a well-stringed guitar, the ability to tune it, (I'll teach) and determination. I would be willing to walk anyone through the lessons. This is alot of fun folks!!!Yes, anyone could really pick this up alone; but I think the encouragement of having someone coach you on is alot too!!!!So...I know homesteaders have a little more "down time" in the winter months. So get out that dusty old 6 string and lets play guitar!!!:)

-- Beth Weber (, November 21, 2000


beth, while everone was gone i found where they hid my guitar.we must have the same kind cuz mine has 6 strings too!now,what's the name of the book and where might i purchase said book?

-- fred in wi (, November 21, 2000.

Yes whats the name of the book, this sounds like fun!

-- kathy h (, November 23, 2000.

My daughter is left handed and I purchased a left handed guitar for her on ebay. Now I need to help her out in the "learning" area. She thinks she can learn by herself if she has a book. Do most beginner books talk about left handed playing? I am green on this issue. Any helP out there on a book or video?

-- JoAnn Nehls (, November 27, 2000.

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