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Does anyone know the exact paint color name/numbers for the Southern Railway Caboose X320? Was the top ever painted silver or white? This caboose has a silver top that does not look original. I am new to the restoration process. How do I go about finding out specifics to correctly restore this caboose and find its history? Thank you.

-- Susan Turpin (, November 20, 2000


Good luck finding the history of your caboose, paint chips, etc. There simply is no definitive "go to" list at this time for SR cab history. Most of its history is in the black "builders block" already on the side of the caboose.

The SR baywindows were modified very heavily in their 40-50 year service on the line. I restored my caboose, X702, to its appearance as it last served the line. The roof was all red, the lettering white, and grab irons yellow, although the bay window at one time was yellow as well.

Valspear, the paint manufacturer, has a line of colors called OSHA RED, OSHA YELLOW, and OSHA WHITE. All are available at Lowe's stores and probably Home Depots. The Valspear line is the closest "off the shelf" paint I ever found, although the Rustoleum Red is very close, but much harder to get. You get some strange looks when you walk into Lowes and ask for 8 gallons of RED paint.!!!

I painted the caboose 3 years ago and am still pleased with the results. I think it'll last another two or so. The hardest part is replicating the lettering. You can get a template or mask your existing paint. I masked mine, it took for ever, but was well worth it. Some people paint their trucks and wheels black, but I never liked that look. She was a working lady, and she needs the dignity of dirty shoes!

-- Matt Bumgarner (, November 20, 2000.

I use to inspect your cab for line of road.I was the youngest inspector southern ever had Iwas 20 yrs old. your question about paint I don,t remember ,but silver was it.I DO REMEMBER THAT AN OLD TIMER HAD THE TOUCH ON BRASSIN AN CAST IRON POT BELLY STOVE.I WORKED FOR RAILROAD FROM 1975 TO 1978 AS AN CAB INSPECTOR


I think also that it was silver and I am also 99 percent sure it was silver. I have worked on the railroad for 28 years and I am still employed.I would like to know what year the southern cab is and will find out for you 100 percent for sure. Wayne Hired by Southern and will always be Southern RR

-- frecrick wayne eason (, February 10, 2001.

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