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I know that some of you have been asking about pictures. I do have some. I have every player except for Kevin Legg and Billy Merck. I have individuals and I also have a few of the team together. If you would just let me know who want and I will send them as soon as possible. Thanx

-- Lisa Ferry (Lisa_Ferry@Hotmail.Com), November 20, 2000


hi i was wondering if you can get me a pic. of rob baarts #10 jake #14 and nik #0 if you could please send them me thanx p.s. send them as soon as posiable

-- liz perkins (, November 29, 2000.

I know that I said that I have pictures of the guys but I just need to send them to a new file and I will try to do that as soon as possible. I have been sick this whole week and have not been out of bed so I will try to get this done this weekend. Thank you! Sorry that it is taking me so long!

-- Lisa Ferry (Lisa_Ferry@Hotmail.Com), December 01, 2000.

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