Jake Atkin Being Player of the Week

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Hey we need everybody to log on to www.wisl.net to vote Jake Atkin player of the week. I think that he has had a great season so far and I think that this award could help pump up the Freezz for there Championship Game! Good Luck Jake and the rest of the guys! We will soon be the Champs!

-- Lisa Ferry (Lisa_Ferry@Hotmail.Com), November 20, 2000


Hey everone! I am all the way for Lisa's suggestion! EVERYONE who is a Freezz fan or atleast went to one of the freezz games know that Jake is an awesome player, and anyone who went to either the November 16th, or 18th, know he is a totally awesome player and deserves this award more than any other of the nominees!! so everyone vote him for player of the week, Quigley is catching up,He is from the st. louis steamers so make sure and make jake the Player of the week!! WE ARE THE CHAMPS!! so vote now!!!(for Jake ofcourse!)

-- Jacquie (soccer4mac@aol.com), November 20, 2000.

I just checked in on Jake and he is tied at 109 votes. We still need to pull a big lead for Jake. Please get out there and vote!

-- Lisa Ferry (Lisa_Ferry@Hotmail.Com), November 25, 2000.

Sorry I mean that he is tied at 209 votes not 109 votes!

-- Lisa Ferry (Lisa_Ferry@Hotmail.Com), November 25, 2000.

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