HP5, exposed at 3200 ISO, how do I save it?

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OK Ithinkt tha subject line says it all, I had to go to a show of a freind of mine and the lights were more like the ones in my kitchen rather a theater, Originally I intended to expose it to 800 but to get enogu speed I needed to go up to 3200.

Any good results with any developer? which one?

Any experience with Rodinal S and this kind of push?

Thanks Diego k

-- Diego K. (heuristica@yahoo.com), November 20, 2000


Try Ilford Microphen 11'30"/75F or DD-X 1:4 14'30"/75F.

You need a speed developer such as one of those, T-Max or Acufine; I don't think any version of Rodinal is going to make it. If you can, shoot and develop a test roll before developing the important film.

-- John Hicks (jbh@magicnet.net), November 20, 2000.

For another discussion that's going on, try here:


-- Paul Harris (pharris@neosoft.com), November 20, 2000.

Did some HP5+ @ 3200 recently in Ilford LC29, 1:9 dilution @ 20.5C for 10mins, a good shake to start and 3 inversions every minute. Worked pretty well I thought.

-- Nigel Smith (nlandgl@unite.com.au), November 21, 2000.

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