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Dear Sirs

I have been told for the type of Web Site we are going to launch we need to invest in a high quality server for our organisation.

We are based near London in the United Kingdom and the prices of buying and hosting sites are very expensive in our country.

Dell Server $ 7500 to buy (Dual Pentium) Rent $ Not Sure Hosting $ 5000 - $21500 per year

Are we best to due to financal constraints to host in USA or does anyone know of organisations that provide both service and lower operating costs for this service in Europe.

I thank you for your time in advance.

-- Richard Fox (, November 20, 2000


Richard, this is a very challenging question since I don't have absolutely any experience in this area!

So I took a shot at finding out (that is after all how one learns about anything) and I hope the results of this exploration will be useful to you:

This discussion may be of interest to you:

Have you considered a co-location service as an alternative.

These are links from Yahoo unications_and_Networking/Internet_and_World_Wide_Web/Network_Service_ Providers/Hosting/Colocation/

This company isn't listed on the above lists so I have added them just in case you want to check pricing with them.

Hosting advice:

I thought I would also throw in this interesting link regarding ASP, just for the hell of it :)

-- Mark Zorro (, November 20, 2000.

Hi Mark,

There is few companies that does web hosting, in South africa. You could take advantage of their cheaper hosting fees based in rands. The currency exchange rate is Pound/rand 14 approximately. Search for Didata, PQ, IQ using the domain search country code ZA on your search engine.

-- Victor Scott (, May 15, 2002.

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