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One night a burglur had broken to look for things he would be interested in stealing. He looked around and found a v.c.r. As he was interested in. As he was putting it into the sack a voice said "Jesus is watching you." The burglur jumped at the sound of the voice and quickly looked around. Didn't see anyone so he went to his task of searching. He was just about to pick up the stero when the voice said again "Jesus is watching you". Quickly the burglur searched the room for the voice and came acrossed a parrot. The burglur asked the parrot what it's name was. "Moses", it said. "What kind of stupid people would name a parrot Moses?" said the burglur. "The same kind of people that would name their pit bull "Jesus". Thought that would work for homesteaders!!!!

-- michelle heath (, November 20, 2000

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