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I have one problem that resulted in 4 CDR coasters using my Yamaha CRW8424SX and Adaptec Video CD Creator (v4.02) in burning two mpeg files. I have the CD Recorder for 10 months without problem with the recorder or the software used or the media type or the mpeg capture device Dazzle DVC1. The error log: D0100:I/O error (04/09/00) -CD Recorder error -track following error. This message is generated saying "Recording Phase -errors reported by the output device" in the program. The disk tray opened during the Closing CD phase and the error is reported. The tray is sticking out and cannot be closed until the CD Recorder power is switched off and on. When I tried using Test and then burn, the test went OK but the same problem occurred when the actual burn started up to the Closing CD phase. I then tried using a CDRW to burn and there was no problem with the burn ( except can only play on the CDRom, of course and using Media player v6.4.)

Is there a problem with the Cd Recorder or the program or media stream are corrupted?

-- Hwa Lim (, November 19, 2000


Hey, I had a very similar problem: CD creator would hang at the close process where the bar graph said 83%. I was monkeying around with only a 6 meg file. Did you find any resolution since?

-- John Kim (, December 11, 2000.

The error message said it was a device problem. Yamaha was not much help. They remain silent. There was a possibility that my modem (serial port) was on during the burning. Anyway, I reinstalled EZ Creator and so far the problem didn't crop up. So the score: 4 coasters.

-- Hwa Lim (, December 12, 2000.

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