Politically Correct and the New World Order . The link below discusses the goals of the NWO and is a very provocative

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article. It states that "If al Gore is elected president, he will succeed as the head foreman of the wrecking crew to finish off Western and specifically American civilization." Strong words? Read the article and at least consider what is said and see if you can see confirmation of these comments in your everyday life. It does not look good. Does Al Gore always tell the truth? Would you expect him to put his real agenda into his efforts to buy votes? The link is

http://www.newsmax.com/columnists.shtm click on Diane Alden then on PC- The Rise of the Religion of the New World Order. This is the best read on what is happening I have seen this year. Too bad it wasn't required reading before the voters voted so they would know what they voted for. I would guess that most common man democrats do not have a clue about what they have voted for. The people in Germany in 1932 were similarly clueless. Someone may post that this is the same writer as the post above. Could be. I am just trying to inform the public which is more than the mainstream new organizations are doing. The attached is also a keeper to see how much comes true if Al Gore becomes President. Be warned it is long and somewhat hard to follow if you are up to the challenge.

-- Thomas Paine (Tom@notnwo.wow), November 19, 2000


Hey, wasn't it Dubya's daddy who announced to the country back when he was prez that he liked the idea of the New World Order?

Maybe that was why the people voted him down for his second term, they weren't so hot on that idea!

Look at how quick they forget, now little Dub is gonna start it again!

-- (like.father@like.son), November 20, 2000.

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