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ORDERED by the Circuit Court. She is AUTHORIZED to do this by law and by the separation of powers doctrine. The Supreme Court has OVERREACHED its authority and turned this into a POLITICAL decision. Even the Gore people had enough sense and knowledge of the LAW to not even request the Court to order this delay. If she did so certify, what is the Supreme Court going to do? Will they ORDER the Leon County Sherrif to ARREST her? Give me a break. What if the Court issued the order and the sherriff IGNORED it? With all of the scandals in South Florida the tide is turning. The 5 page memo describing how to disqualify the VOTES of the VETERANS was the turning point. Has there been a STATEMENT from the Gore camp saying this was an improper effort by CAMPAIGN WORKERS and that Mr. Gore demands that all votes by veterans SERVING THEIR COUNTRY must be COUNTED. The Supreme Court is highly partisian Democrats appointed by Democrats. Secretary Harris has nothing to lose as the Democrats have already launched an all out attack on her credibility. For the record, she is the granddaughter of Ben Hill Griffin, a prominent and well known political force and citrus grower in middle Florida for many many years. His people do not appreciate these attacks and there may be hell to pay in the future for these acts. I had this idea yesterday but had questions which were answered by the post today by Newsmax at

Note: The capitalized words are the words that the VicePresident would say slowly, deliberately and with additional emphasis if he were including these emotional words in one of his speeches. This list of words has been carefully developed by measuring audience reaction to each of these words to emphasize the points he is trying to make.

-- Oliver Wendel Olmes (, November 19, 2000



When I was younger and in college, I had a course taught by some of the revolutionaries in the Irish movement for independence. They referred to your type as the Public House Paddies. That would mean folks who loudly espouse revolutionary doctrine for others to carry-out. Of course they wouldn't go to jail; they would be back to drink another night. Now you want Harris to go to jail.

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-- Z1X4Y7 (, November 19, 2000.


I believe Chris Ruddy over at NewsMax was the first to call for Harris to ignore the Supreme court, so this isn't even original.

I can't believe Ruddy would say that. If Republicans are going to stand on the "rule of law" thing, it's more than a bit hypocritical for them to advocate that Harris ignore the courts.

-- Stephen M. Poole (, November 19, 2000.

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