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Heartbreaking storyline about Jesse but I have a continuity question. It seems that at least two (maybe three) years ago Jesse helped out his uncle Peter by driving the car for Peter and Elizabeth's fantasy Halloween date. So Jesse would have been sixteen two or three years ago. In this episode Jesse looked to me to be around fifteen and at the painful beginning of adolescent individuation. Certainly this storyline was not about a nineteen year old! Can anyone explain this? Thank you

-- violet (, November 19, 2000


Apparently, Jackie has two sons, Jesse, and the one that was driving (As far as I know, he remains nameless) and one daughter.

-- Sara (, November 19, 2000.

In the Halloween epi, didn't Peter call up his sister's house and talk to 'Peanut' (his nickname for his nephew, i HOPE =) ), and ask him to drive the car? I first remember seeing Jesse in the epi where Peter stays at his sisters' house when his mom was ill. The little guy was standing in front of the couch, staring at a sleeping Benton and Jackie comes up and grabs him and apologizes to Peter. Jesse looked about 4-5 yrs old in that epi.

-- Lolina (, November 19, 2000.

Yes, in "Masquerade," Peter either asked for his nephew (the one who was old enough to drive) or spoke to him. Not sure what he called him (it sounded a little like "Peter," so "Peanut" might be correct) but it was definitely not "Jesse." Pretty sure Jackie & Walt had two sons, and I think a daughter.

Related question: Are there complete credits for the episodes somewhere, including character names? Would be handy to be able to look up things like this.

-- Driad (, November 19, 2000.

We saw all of Jackie's kids in last season's episode where Benton takes Cleo home and she plays basketball with the kids, if anyone remembers it or has it on tape. (maybe Match Made in Heaven or The Fastest Year?) I definetly remember at least 3 kids, but I'm not sure.

-- Elaine (, November 20, 2000.

I could be wrong on this answer and if I am someone please correct me. I thought on November 9th episode when Jessie was brought in to the ER I thought I heard either Peter or Jackie mention that he was only 14. This stuck in my mind because both Jackie and Peter were concerned that Jessie might be sexually active.

-- Tina G. (, November 20, 2000.

Last year when Benton took Cleo home for brunch, Jesse was there with his sister. They were playing basketball and he looked like he was seven or eight. I guess he jumed a few years.

-- Nira (, November 26, 2000.

So when Elizabeth says she has only met Jesse once, when is she referring to? That's why I got confused if she didn't mean the Halloween date when is she referring to? Also do you remembera scene when Peter's mother was still alive and Peter is in his sister's kitchen around breakfast time? His sister only had two children at that time, a boy and a girl.

-- violet (, November 26, 2000.

There wasn't anything in "Rescue Me" about who shot Jesse unless I missed it. Let's hope that this is clarified in the future. When he was brought into the ER, probably some people (e.g. Malucci) thought he was a gang member, maybe shot in retaliation for the earlier patient. Jackie said in an earlier episode that Jesse had friends who were a bad influence (I don't remember her exact words) but we don't know whether he was in a gang. He may have been an innocent passerby. Either way, the family is probably talking with the police, and it would make sense later to mention a trial or that the shooter hadn't been caught.

-- Driad (, November 30, 2000.


They will cover what happened to Jackie's son in the next episode. Benton ends up talking to Jesse's girlfriend and she will explain more what happened.

Also, Violet, I am figuring Elizabeth would have met Jesse in a scene we didn't see. Since her and Benton dated, I guess we are to assume at one point she met his family.

-- Elaine (, November 30, 2000.

Ok. I'm going to play continuity police. I just got done watching "The Birthday Party" from season one. The scene is Jackie, Walter, Peanut, and Jackie's daughter in the kitchen dicussing the movie they saw the night before. Peanut said it was wacked. Walter said Jesse liked it. Jackie's daughter said "Jesse's four" so I did the math so he should be about ten now.

-- james (, December 05, 2000.

Thanks, James. If Jesse was ten but looked fourteen, maybe he had a mild case of progeria, or some sort of premature puberty. Just think of all the gripping medical drama we missed. :-)

Kids on TV often have a growth spurt that jumps them from cute infants to articulate school-agers in a year or less. Maybe Cleo could do a study of this. (Shouldn't have said that; don't give them ideas.)

-- Driad (, December 06, 2000.

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