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Al, You Blew It

By Professor Jerry Mander


Al, you blew it today. All the lawyers in the world, all the recounts, all the chads, don't mean a thing now-- because you blew it today. Over 24 hours have passed with the news all over the airwaves of the selective refusal to count overseas absentee military ballots in Florida. Over one third of the votes of men and women who risk their lives overseas for us have been rejected. They were rejected using tactics written out and distributed by your campaign staff. For ten days now you've been trying to 'mine' for votes in Democrat counties, and there were suspicions that the latest round of recounts might not be fair and objective. We now know that incidents of apparent cheating are supported by eyewitness affidavits. What we suspected, we now know. What were suspicions, is now evidence. For ten days you have been saying that this is all about 'fairness' and 'accuracy' and 'listening to the voice of the people'. You've said it, and your mouthpieces have repeated it again and again and again. Even if we didn't believe you, it was simply passed off as 'partisan politics' to have voiced questions about your motives. But now we know. We know that, in spite of the fact that you say you say that you care about a fair vote, you've been silent for more than 24 hours. We've known, and you've known, that our active duty military personnel have been capriciously and unconscionably denied their votes. Men and women who stand as a human shield between Americans and our enemies, more than one third of them, denied their right to vote-- and your silence has spoken volumes. Your 24 hours of silence has spoken loudly about your qualifications to be Commander in Chief. Your 24 hours of silence has spoken eloquently about your values, your ethics, and your ability to serve the American people as President. Your 24 hours of silence resonate with the dark truth of your principles and your priorities. You could have come out of your house today and spoken forcefully in support of the American servicemen who have voted but haven't been counted. You could have stood tall and insisted that every rejected military vote be looked at again, and counted if possible. You could even have come out and told a little fib, explaining that you'd never even heard of the guy who wrote the instructions for getting those ballots thrown out. You could have hung him out to dry, making him a minor martyr in your quest. Had you spoken at all today, even those of us who truly distrust and dislike you might have been able to grudgingly support you, should you have finagled your way into the Presidency. Instead Al, you blew it today, and now we know. You didn't say a word. ---------------------

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-- Newsman (Newsman@Pravda.or.Izvestia?), November 19, 2000


and what about all of the "felons" who did vote in Florida by absentee ballot? Military men denied the right to vote and felons accepted.

-- JoseMiami (, November 19, 2000.

I'm not going to bother reading this tripe because the source has no real credibility. But I did do a search on it for the word "postmark" and guess what, this clown forgot to mention that part!

The law is the law... learn it, love it, live it.

-- (sorry@no.cheating), November 19, 2000.

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