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Excerpt from the Honolulu Star Bulletin, September 9, 2000

Until the debates, Nixon seemed a safe bet to carry both the nation and Hawaii. Even the ILWU endorsed him. As it turned out, however, he won Hawaii by only 141 votes in the first count, then lost it by 115 votes in a recount that dragged through December. It was the first statewide recount of any state since the Civil War and the only one to change a posted result. Dishonesty was never alleged.

With the recount still dragging on, a team of three GOP presidential electors went to Iolani Palace Dec. 19 and voted for Nixon. But three Democratic electors followed them into the booth (which someone had proposed carting off before they could) and voted for Kennedy.

On Jan. 6, 1961, hours before the U.S. Senate officially tallied the electoral votes, it received a message from Hawaii's Republican governor, Quinn, saying the three Kennedy votes from Hawaii should be accepted. Vice President Nixon presided over the count and affirmed this. There would have been a floor fight if he hadn't.

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dandelion, there's a terrific HTML "how-to" site that I use all the time; it shows you the code and then how it will look. It's Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi. It also has an alphabetical listing of HTML formats; e.g., tables, lists, etc.

Two other little tricks I use:

1. Here on LUSENET, there's an HTML Test Forum where I'll post something first to see if it works.

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It does help. You’re an angel today.

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