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By Kurt Saxon
What is a patriot anyway? The word comes from the Greek, "patros", fathers or ancestors. Its general meaning is one who upholds and defends the culture, traditions and wisdom of his ancestors. In that sense, nearly everyone on Earth could claim to be a patriot.
Okay, so most of us are patriots just by our upbringing. We take it for granted. What qualifies someone to stand out as a patriot?
The plain and sad truth is that some people who are anxious and alarmed by world conditions are flattered as "patriots" by frauds marking them as suckers for a line of foolish propaganda and worthless goods. The "patriot" movement isn't a movement at all but a sucker market, a flock of sheep to shear.
It starts with "The Conspiracy". I know; I was a "patriot" and bought the whole phony line. In 1964 I joined the John Birch Society. For nearly four years my only companions were Birchers, Minutemen, Nazis, Klan and Identities.
They were convinced that the Jews, Trilateralists, Bildebergers, Council On Foreign Relations, Rockefellers and Rothchilds were all conspiring to take over the country and enslave us through Communism.
At that time the "Communist Menace" was in full play. The Soviets were indeed a threat and made no bones about it. Their missiles were ready. Over here, leftists took over colleges and paraded and rioted. During the Vietnam war the flags of the Viet Cong flew in every big city, carried by those who wanted a communist victory.
Our politicians were so tolerant of these vermin that it was easy to believe they were willing to let the Soviets bully and blackmail the U.S. into surrender. The marketers of the "Conspiracy" used this tolerance to convince us "patriots" that something had to be done, and by us.
All we really did was buy their newsletters and books and send donations so they could expose the plotters. It was a business, that's all. Nothing was accomplished. The Communists made no gains, the Left didn't take over and our politicians were still just as blind to the threat as they had always seemed.
After nearly four years of wasting time and money fighting the "Conspiracy" and rotten politicians, I sat down and thought it out. Sure, a lot of our politicians are corrupt, a lot are greedy and a lot are just stupid. And they get worse as our system deteriorates. I finally realized such politicians are just a bunch of pigs at the public trough.
But it's their trough, you see? They're not going to share it, much less give it away to some foreign interests. Politicians can be voted out after a term or so. They can't afford to risk their careers on treason. In what time they have, they must rip off as much as possible to feather their own nests. In short, they're not idealists with some sinister cause; they're just people, not conspirators.
And what is a conspiracy? A conspiracy is when two or more people plan, in secret, to do something wrong. But what if the conspiracy is broadcast, documented, spread nationwide? Pitiful!
Say you and a couple of friends conspired to rob a bank. Before you can do it the news is on the street. Would you go through with it? And if you were so clumsy and stupid as to let your plans be known to outsiders, you'd best go straight.
And the big "Conspiracy"? It's been detailed, documented, exposed for all to see, for years! The conspirators are described as brilliant, sinister, powerful and yet so clumsy that even you know what they're up to.
So you have only two ways of looking at it. Either the "Conspirators" are and have been totally incompetent and so there's nothing to worry about, or there is and was no conspiracy in the first place. The whole thing with the "Conspiracy" is that it's a lie. Every bit of it. It has to be believed by those who really want to believe it. Any fool can believe and every fool does. But the wise person wants to know, rather than believe. You can't prove a lie so the "Conspiracy" promoters are kept busy inventing more lies as even those they've fooled show signs of waking up.
But the "Conspiracy" sells. It comforts those who see their system coming apart but feel helpless to provide for themselves after it collapses. Being taken over is preferable to the challenge of self-reliance. In many cases, the "Conspiracy" gives them an excuse for their own lack of success.
But if the system is being taken apart by Jews and their sinister accomplices, rather than coming apart because of over-population and down-breeding, the collapse might be prevented. For years the "Communist menace" gave hope to those who needed someone to blame for worsening world conditions.
In 1850, Earth's population reached one billion for the first time. A billion is a lot of people; 1000 million. The U.S. of 1995 has 260 million. World population nearly doubling by 1914 contributed to WW I. Lothrop Stoddard, in his classic "The Revolt Against Civilization", 1922, (serialized in U.S. Militia), explained how, even then, the growing population and its resulting down-breeding, was already a threat to world civilization.
The Great Depression, beginning in 1930, was almost wholly the result of over- population and down-breeding, leading to world-wide unemployment and social unrest. The doubling to two billion assured WW II. Not only too many people, but too many stupid people reproducing their blighted kind. Guaranteed chaos.
World population kept rising and the I.Q. kept going down and in 1975, only 45 years after the first doubling, it hit four billion. The Cold War was heating up and the conspiracy mongers were doing well. The morons were marching and swamping every economy.
Yet, the Jews, Trilateralists, etc. and their Communist accomplices were increasingly blamed for the mounting inefficiency and chaos worldwide. Then, in 1990, with a world population of five billion and over-crowding, crime, welfare, pollution and diminishing resources alarming the intelligent, the dull-normals were still being conned into blaming it all on the Jews. In that same year, a catastrophe hit the conspiracy mongers, the Soviet Empire collapsed!
This threatened economic disaster should have put the conspiracy mongers out of business. The Jews, Trilateralists, Council On Foreign Relations, Bildebergers, Rockefellers and Rothchilds, had failed or had been beaten. "Not at all" chorused the conspiracy mongers. "The collapse of Communism was a hoax. It was engineered by the Jews to lull Americans to sleep and put us off guard".
This lie was a desperate attempt to stay in business. Only the most stupid "patriots" bought it and they weren't enough to support the conspiracy mongers. Some new threat would have to be made up. Reagan had been talking about a New World Order. This was completely economic, like the European Common Market or NAFTA. It promised relaxation of trade barriers and prosperity for everyone in the field of international commerce. It wasn't accepted by the international financiers. But it had nothing to do with private individuals anywhere.
It was the poorest excuse for a threat anyone could come up with. But it was all the conspiracy mongers had, so they turned it into a sinister plot against your liberties. Again, it was backed by the Jews, Trilateralists, Bildebergers, Council On Foreign Relations, Rockefellers, Rothchilds and now the Clintons.
The whole idea is stupid. First the name is wrong. There never has been a world order and so there could not be a "New" world order. Of course, there is a vast body of international laws concerning trade, borders, maritime laws, etc. But these laws don't affect private individuals in the various countries.
A world order as threatened by the conspiracy mongers would dictate a uniformity of social conduct in the respective nations. Individual liberties would be outlawed and only the Jews and their favorites would be free and prosperous. Everyone else would be enslaved.
This is a fantasy for many reasons. But in order for the fantasy to become reality, the major nations would have to go along with the program. The Chinese, one billion, two hundred million strong, dislike non-Chinese and especially whites and more especially Americans. They would never go along with a world system dominated by whites. Their break with Russian communism guaranteed they would never get that close to whites again.
The Japanese, with their two hundred million, being anti-non-Japanese, would likewise reject such dictation. India, with over nine hundred million, Africa with about a billion and likewise most of South America, the Phillipines and much of the rest of Asia, each depressed with Third World backwardness, would prove too great a liability to dominate or enslave.
The Middle East, with about a billion Moslems, all of whom hate Jews, would also be out of the running for membership in any world order. The above regions and countries make up a majority of the world's nations and populations and would either refuse to join or would be more trouble to subdue than they would be worth. So there can be no world order as promised by the conspiracy mongers. Their "New World Order" is neither being implemented or even planned. It's a fraud.
Another difficulty faced by the conspiracy mongers was their sad choice of the U.N. as the enforcers of the will of International Jewery. If I hadn't been 4-F in 1950, I would have been a U.N. soldier, as was every soldier sent to Korea to fight the North Koreans and later the Chinese in the Korean "Police Action". The North Koreans and the Chinese rejected the will of the U.N. then and would again.
The U.N. didn't win that war. In fact, the U.N. has never won a war. Somalia was a disgrace, as was Bosnia. Only the force of NATO kept the U.N. from leaving Bosnia with its tail between its legs. The U.N. was set up as an international peace-keeping organization. Each nation has only one vote so no nation has more power or authority than another. It doesn't work for peace or international understanding and I don't think it ever will.
So for the conspiracy mongers to have chosen the U.N. as their Jew-backed villain is an act of desperation showing they have run out of villains. During the '60's, '70's and '80's, they said thousands of North Vietnamese, Viet Cong and Chinese were hidden in the U.S. and Canada and thousands of Russians were massed on the Mexican border. When that idiocy proved unbelievable to all but the most "patriotic" they were reduced to their present nonsense about the U.N.
In late 1993 I had my own shortwave radio show on WWCR. On my second night a "patriot' called in to tell me there were hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of U.N. troops hidden in the U.S. waiting to jump out, kick in doors and take our guns.
I tried to paint for him a picture of all those young men, away from home and families, hidden, no social life, lonely except for porno tapes. Month after month being supplied in secret, and for how long? They're still here - in his fantasies.
A while back I taped an interview with John Troutman, head of the Montana Militia. The reporter asked him about the U.N. troops hidden in the U.S. He told her that there were U.N. troops only twenty miles away. Why didn't she have him take her to see them? Why didn't he volunteer to take her? There were no U.N. troops. She just didn't want to show him up as a phony and ruin the interview.
About that time a "patriot" from Louisiana came to visit me and told me there were 5000 U.N. troops in his county. I asked what they gave as an excuse for being there and he said he never saw them as he couldn't get through the FBI lines. I asked him what the FBI told him and he admitted he had only heard about them on the radio. There were no U.N. troops in his county.
This wussy is a perfect example of a "patriot". A Prozac Poster Boy, he's so driven by anxiety and fear he wouldn't dare to confront an enemy. Even if he had the guts, he wouldn't have the common sense to check out such a rumor, even in his own county.
The next case was of a news lady who phoned and said she had her own radio station back east and wanted me on it. As we talked, she brought up U.N. troops and I said they didn't exist here. She said they did and she had seen them in her downtown shopping mall, blue helmets, uniforms and all. When I asked her what reason they gave for being there, she said she hadn't talked to them because she was shopping.
Such lies about U.N. troops, hidden or walking around in malls, finally wore too thin for all but the terminally stupid to believe. But as a conspiracy mongers lie wears out it's improved. Now the U.N. troops are in U.S. military bases. Instead of waiting to kick in doors and take guns, they're preparing to simply take over.
But what about our own troops? Wouldn't they resist foreign nationals taking over their country? Of course; but they'll all be sent as American U.N. troops to take over the countries of the foreign troops posted here to take over ours. Only a "patriot" would swallow that.
And then there's Fletcher. He turns up on all the talk shows with his photographs. His main photo is of a train of flat cars with about a dozen tanks and an armored personnel carrier (APC). He says they're Russian tanks brought over here to subdue us Americans. I don't know if they are Russian tanks but if they are, they were brought over for scrap. America has plenty of tanks; thanks, but no thanks.
The APC is painted white with U.N. markings. There's something phony about it. I'll bet the photo was blown up, the APC painted white and marked with "UN" and then reduced so it would look authentic. But it doesn't look authentic and if it were it would prove nothing more than those crewless tanks.
Another photo shows an APC with Sheriff's Department markings. This is supposed to prove that the Sheriff of that town means to subjugate his neighbors. It proves nothing. The Sheriff's Department was fortunate in buying a surplus APC in case some idiot opened up on the townsfolk. Every Sheriff and Police Department should have one.
Then there's the photo of men wearing ski masks. Fletcher says they're ATF although there are no ATF markings. Another shows ski-masked men with ATF markings. The ski masks are to keep you from identifying them when they come to take your guns. But why would they care if you could identify them if they were involved in "the takeover"? Actually, the ski masks show they're undercover officers. In case the judge lets the criminals go, they can't identify the officers back on the street.
Then, of course, there are Linda Thompson's tapes. I have three of them. She will take a camcorder, record common scenes and narrate wild stories about them. One scene is of a factory courtyard surrounded by a chain link fence. The narration says this is a concentration camp. No inmates. It can't be a concentration camp without inmates. It's just a factory courtyard.
Another scene is through the fence of an Army base. There are a lot of helicopters painted in various shades of Army green. The narration says some of them are black but none are. It was also supposed to have many U.N. troops there but none were in evidence. A few frames further on showed blue-helmeted U.N. troops but there was no proof that they were on that base or where they really were stationed, if even in the U.S.
Thompson also showed a one-story federal building housing some department or other. Thompson said terrible plots were being hatched there. There was no indication of anything going on except for the narration.
One of her Waco tapes showed a tank she said was a flamethrower. She even said, "If you look closely you can see the flames" There were no flame-throwing tanks at Waco. A flame-throwing tank shoots flames 150 yards and six feet wide. You don' t need to look closely to see the flames. Besides, the tanks weren't even armed. They were just to protect the drivers while poking holes in the structure so as to shoot in tear gas.
I could photograph an empty closet and say in the caption that eighteen women had been butchered there. "Patriots" would need no more than the caption for proof that the closet was a place of murder. Anyone can take pictures of ordinary places and objects and say they're Russian weapons, concentration camps, torture chambers, enemy bases, etc. Only the easily fooled are convinced by false narrations and captions.
People who spread such idiocy should find a more dignified way of making a living. But they've been at it so long and have so much of their reputations and resources invested in the sucker market, that they can't change. I think a lot of them also enjoy the idea that so many even believe them to be heroic saviors.
If they were telling the truth they would indeed be heroic. If people like Linda Thompson, Bo Gritz, Jack McLamb, G. Gordon Liddy, Chuck Harder, Tom Valentine, William Cooper, Don MacAlvany and Norman Olson were really opposing a despotism, they would be prime targets when that despotism took over. They would be executed as the anti-Jewish-U.N.-New World Order foes they claim to be. It's a certainty that if they were telling the truth, they'd all be doomed. And if our government were indeed a tyrany, they'd be in prison now
And, of course, their "patriotic" followers would be just as certain to be put into U.N. concentration camps. Everyone who subscribed to "Conspiracy" newsletters, bought such tapes and joined anti-government militias would be in the Federal master computers as being opposed to a Jewish-backed U.N. takeover. They'd be disarmed, lose their freedom, their gold, everything they have.
The sad thing about it is that if the "Conspiracy" were real, the people who would be rounded up are mostly wussies who would be no threat in the first place. I like William Pierce's description of them in his book, "The Turner Diaries". On page 63 he writes of "right wingers" (just another name for "patriots"), "Of all the segments of the population from which we had hoped to draw more members, the 'conservatives' and 'right wingers' have been the biggest disappointment. They are the world's worst conspiracy-mongers - and also the greatest cowards. In fact, their cowardice is exceeded only by their stupidity".
An example of such stupidity is the "patriots" who buy gold. Wealthy people may have a reason to buy gold but working class people don't. I don't have any gold and I don't know anyone who does and the great majority of ordinary people who buy gold are known by the government as "patriots". All gold purchases from firms such as Viking International are recorded. The Feds have access to such records. So if you believe the Feds are going to come around and collect your guns, you might as well realize they'd collect your gold at the same time.
Besides, gold is no longer legal tender with a fixed value. The price goes up and down. It's a commodity. After the collapse of our system, its value will be determined by the seller of what you want to buy. When I was on shortwave radio a listener called in to say that he'd been on the road without his checkbook. But he had his lucky gold Krugerrand so he thought he would be alright. He took it to a bank and they didn't want it. He took it to another bank with the same result. He then took it to a seller of gold and rare coins and was told that they'd take it but it would be a couple of weeks before they checked it out and he wouldn't get anywhere near what he had paid for it.
If you have gold, make a simple test. Take an ounce and try to buy something with it worth what you paid for the ounce. Probably the only purchase you could make would be from a store clerk who thought he could resell it. Even so, he'd only give you something he could pay for out of his own pocket to put in the cash register. There's just no practicality in a working class person buying gold.
On the other hand, say you took that $385.00 and bought easily traded barter goods. You could get 364 packs of cigarettes or 120 half-pints of whiskey. Or you could buy a stock of cosmetics, spices, especially black pepper. Or you could invest in bullets: .22's, .45's, shotgun shells, .306's etc. Bullets could become a common currency after the collapse. Then there are such items as canned tuna, candy bars, cartons of book matches, toothpaste and toothbrushes, needles and thread, candles, batteries, cold tablets, aspirin and saccharine tablets.
All of the above are useful as barter goods and would have a recognized value. Whereas, if you should cut your gold ounce into a hundred slivers, such a sliver would not equal the real value or barterability of a packet of needles.
Gold, or even real silver coins, won't have a real value for about a generation after the collapse. The best thing you could do with the money you'd spend on gold would be to equip a shop with machinery to turn out barter goods.
In recent years the conspiracy mongers have latched onto a new market - Christians. This is mainly due to the fact that the modern "Christian" has stopped reading the Bible, relying on others to read bits and pieces to him and tell him what Christianity is about. "Conspiracy" Christianity is Christianity without Jesus. Since most of its preachments are from the Old Testament, it would be better described as "Neo-Judaism".

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You're just saying this so we'll watch more tv; you're not fooling anybody.

-- waitin fer de end of d' world (with@canofbe.ans), November 18, 2000.

Where can you buy 364 packs of cigarettes for $385?

-- Patricia (, November 18, 2000.

Forget the cigarettes, Just send me the whiskey!!!!

-- Malcolm Taylor (, November 18, 2000.

Whisky river take my mind!!!

-- capnfun (, November 18, 2000.

The absolutely best explanation of the SLEEZY boarders I have ever seen. Thanks for the post.

-- FutureShock (gray@matter.think), November 19, 2000.

Mr. Msgt? Mr. Msgt? Time's up!

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