Letter to Florida Supreme Court. Honarable Justices. Since your have ordered the Secretary of State to not certify the election when you were not asked to rule on that issue, please use your discression and order local officials to count ballots where the only defect is the lack of a postmark or witness. Theses overseas military personnel are being denied their right to vote by military

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failure to comply with technical requirements beyond their control. Is it true that there is no requirement for a witness on the ballot? The navy has said that it is common for navy mail to not be postmarked. All contested ballots in this category should be counted and if necessary affidavits could be requested from the person voting by mailing it to the registered voters. This is probably why ALGORE needed 500 attorneys so they could challenge the overseas military ballots. Why would they assume that these would be mostly for Mr. Bush? Hav the 3000 ballots from the Navy ship been counted or were most of them declared invalid?

Honorable Justices, here is your chance to shine. We talk about overseas elections being a farce. The world is watching. Do not be afraid to look out of the box at the big picture.

-- GeorgeWashington (George@patriots.stillhopeful), November 18, 2000

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