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First of all, I think that "The Visit" was an incredible episode -- and boy did it make me cry...

Secondly, I don't know if anyone noticed or not but do you remember that Mark mentioned having a headache last night and Elizabeth told him to be more careful playing hockey or something to that effect. Well, at first I didn't even notice, but as I was remembering things today it hit me that I'd recently read a spoiler saying Mark will have untreatable brain cancer. I didn't believe that -- but I also didn't believe that Deb (Jing-Mei) would be pregnant at first, and look how that turned out. I also figure that Elizabeth's, "Mark, I have something to tell you..." will be that she's pregnant -- and maybe even that she's gotten her medical license lifted in light of what happened last night. So I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas as to what is going on.

And one more question: Why can't TPTB let someone be *happy* all ready! We only got to see D/C happy and reunited for about 30 seconds, I really wanted Mark and Elizabeth to work out. And from what I've heard, I'm not sure it will all be "happily ever after..."


~Jessica~ ;-)

-- Jessica (, November 17, 2000


I don't think that the brain cancer thing will be true because I heard that Anthony Edwards, Eriq LaSalle, and Noah Wyle are all signed on 'til 2004. And I totally agree about the writers letting someone be happy. Let Mark and Elizabeth get married in peace, none of this Doug and Carol he proposed at Christmas of '97 and by May 2000 they still weren't married. And since Alex Kingston is pregnant, I am assuming that that is what the "I have something to tell you" was about. Maybe if they get pregnant that means the writers will let them stay together. And it would just be soooooo cute if they had a baby, assuming that the kid wouldn't grow up to be like Rachel.

-- Mallory (, November 18, 2000.

I find it interesting that we whine when certain characters are going through any type of angst, but when they don't we complain about character development or that our favorite characters are getting less air-time (although perhaps this is just me). You know what they say the only happy characters are characters who have been written out. I think it's just that we seem to have more characters that are unhappy, than happy right now (that might be because we just have more characters). But at least we can count on Romano being happy....I swear that character can get joy from almost anything.

-- Emma (, November 18, 2000.

Yeah, I agree...I just want Mark to be happy. Can't they go a season without giving him heartache? I really didn't want this tumor thing to be true, but now that I hear... s p o i l e r

s p a c e

...that they're going to New York (to a very advanced, pretigious cancer centre), I'm a little more at ease. And in eppy 10, Mark apparently has surgery and has a surprise visit... Any speculations as to who it could be?? But one of my good friends had a tumor 2 years ago, and she was only 15 and she was fine a few months after the whole ordeal... so I'm sure our Dr. Greene will tough it out... and yes, he is signed on till at least '02, and I know that for a fact. So no need to worry... and I think this baby thing might bring Elizabeth and Mark a lot closer and help them look on the bright side and help to sort of cover up a little of the pain due to Mark's illness. SHould be an interesting season....

-- *lucky* (, November 18, 2000.

***********COMMENT TO SPOILER**************************************** Well, I was discussing the "going to N.Y. and having surgery" with another fan and I said that gave me hope, but then my friend suggested that maybe that surgery was just to find out if it could be treated more extensively and then they might find out it wasnt treatable...(some friends really know how to bring you down huh? =))I'm just speculating, but God, its so sad.

-- jules (, November 18, 2000.

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