Would Chen's baby have Addison's?

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I don't believe I've seen this addressed in the "Random Comments" area, and this is an actual question rather than a gushing rant of praise for the episode anyway.

So, now that we know Frank is the father, I'm curious about whether the baby would inherit his condition and how serious it might be if he did. Assuming, of course, that the baby lives.

-- Cecelia (evilstoat@hotmail.com), November 17, 2000


Highlight between stars for spoiler:

***We'll probably never know since she does give him up. And yes, he lives, obviously. :-)***

-- JLS (ewwhatevr@aol.com), November 17, 2000.

What exactly is Addison's disease? I think I have a general idea, but I'm not 100 percent sure. Anyway I think it could be interesting to see if Chen does end up putting the child up for adoption if it did have Addison's disease. Afterall aren't special needs children more difficult to find homes for? It could be a very interesting twist.

-- Emma (webbef@hotmail.com), November 17, 2000.

I just want to mention this "highlight" is the best way of using spoilers I've ever seen...=) Maybe you could tell us how to use it so there'll be no more problems when you want to include a spoiler in a thread that doesnt say "SPoiler" in the title?

-- jules (jules@operamail.com), November 17, 2000.

Way to go JLS.....you took the class too!

-- Deb (KHege@AOL.com), November 19, 2000.

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