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Last nite I rented A Perfect Storm, an imho excellent movie re: a fishing boat starring George Clooney. A drama.

Grinch is out today.......I cant wait.

Anyone else have other rental recommendations since its toooo cold to go out here in the NE?

All suggestions welcome.

Thanks group.

-- Sumer (shhhhhhhhh@dont.tell), November 17, 2000


"Hi Fidelity" with John Cusack. It's a comedy with an edge about the unsuccessful relationships of a Gen-X'er now in his thirties who can't get it right.

Great soundtrack too!

-- 3_1/2 stars (out@of.four), November 17, 2000.

The American Film Institute's top 100

-- (Americ@n.classics), November 17, 2000.


Just a few outta the past, from the top o' my head...

The Abyss (Director's cut), Sling Blade, Sleepless in Seattle, Aliens, West Side Story, Fargo, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, Braveheart, and I've gotta go, and I know I left out way too much.

Have fun -- and, hey -- get some extra popcorn and pull an all- nighter...

-- eve (, November 17, 2000.

thanks for the link. and thanks for the tip on high fidelity, looks like I'll be couch potato action this evening.

The snow is falling, crystal flakes, cold and uninviting but none the less, lovely when you look *outside* the window.

-- (, November 17, 2000.

Contact & Field of Dreams. I can (and have) watched them over and over again.

-- Bingo1 (, November 17, 2000.

'Sumer, don't say that s--- word! Yes, it's snowing down here, too, and I'm wearing running shoes and a spring jacket, which either means that I'm an idiot or in a complete fog as to what season it really is.

As for movies, if you haven't seen the The Andromeda Strain, go for it! Each time I see it, it gets scarier for me.

And, no, my cat's not back. I went to the shelter and picked up a four-year-old Siamese mix. She likes to sleep on my keyboard and bat film canisters around at 2 am. I have some retraining to do.

-- (, November 17, 2000.

Hi Sumer,

We loved "High Fidelity," but here are a few more that we really enjoyed over the past few months:

"Election": Performances are terrific! It's a very funny movie.

"The Straight Story": It's outstanding, and appropriate for both you and any kids in your house. Surprisingly gripping, for a story about an elderly man who rides a power mower 300 miles to see his ailing brother.

"The Mighty": Get out your handkerchiefs. We have recommended this movie to so many people.

We'll be lining up with everyone else this weekend to see "The Grinch".

-- Just another feminist (, November 17, 2000.

And, no, my cat's not back. I went to the shelter and picked up a four-year-old Siamese mix. She likes to sleep on my keyboard and bat film canisters around at 2 am. I have some retraining to do.

-- (

^^^ahh Kb, how cooool!!! you rescued a cat from the pound? how kind of you, just in time for Kitty Turkey Treats too!!! Film canisters?

Those siamese are somethin, the way they cry, like children. I think my fatman is part siamese, he whines like one. :-)

I'm glad you did get yourself a pet though. I still hope perhaps your other one shall come home.

Snow, Snow Snow.........Its doing buckets here and colder than a mich lite!!! hee hee.

Stay warm and off I-71 :-)

Great tips on movies thanks folks, so many titles, soooo much time.

Eve: Sling blade.......uh huh.

-- (shhhh@aol.commm), November 17, 2000.

Could someone bump this thread to the top once/week until December 1st? I have exams coming up again, but I'm gonna need a movie recommend when I'm done.

[Thank you for your consideration in this request.]

-- Anita (, November 17, 2000.

One of my guiltiest of pleasures this year was seeing The Eyes of Tammy Faye. It's a slightly twisted but sympathetic documentary on the rise and fall of Tammy Faye Bakker (and her husband Jim). Jerry Falwell comes across looking like the bad guy. It's rated R because of a part about Jim Bakker's encounter Jessica Hahn.

I don't know if this is on videocassette or not.

It's narrated by RuPaul. And it's very funny.

-- The (guiltiest@of.pleasures), November 17, 2000.

Ya know, that Tammy Faye movie did get good reviews here in NE.

But I dont think it is out on video ....yet...hope it gets out. I heard it was funny.

-- (, November 17, 2000.

Fantasia 2000 is just out on video. For the sheer beauty of the music and the incredible animation.

(but just rent it, don't buy it!)

-- kritter (, November 17, 2000.

"Last night I dreamed I went to Manderlay again"

I'm in the mood for "Rebecca" - Hitchcock & O. Selznick's 1940 Oscar winner, based on Daphne du Maurier’s novel.

It featured Laurence Olivier as the emotionally tweaked Max de Winter, Joan Fontaine as the 2nd Mrs. de Winter, Judith Anderson {shudder}, & a 'Suave Bolla' George Sanders.

“It has stood up quite well over the years. I don’t know why.”

-- flora (***@__._), November 17, 2000.

"Being John Malkovitch"

Funny, clever, original, bizarre

-- CD (, November 17, 2000.

A classic western, Cimmaron. A real surprise.

Another one: One Eyed Jacks; I think one of Marlon Brandos' best. Seven Samuri(s?) excellent Japanese film. Anybody remember the 1930(?) film with Walter Brennan as a escaped convict living in a swamp? I can't remember the name......

-- KoFE (your@town.USA), November 17, 2000.

Field of Reams, Romancing the Bone, and Jurrassic Pork.

-- Porky (Porky@in.cellblockD), November 17, 2000.

Left out "The King of Comedy" Robert De Niro kidnaps Jerry Lewis. The ransom is De Niro gets 5 mins. as a stand up comic. Sandra Bernheart is left to guard J.L.

-- KoFE (your@town.USA), November 17, 2000.

Excellant choices, all. My contributions for satire and laughs would be Drop Dead Gorgeous(Many critics panned it, but I found it simply hilarious-spoofs on teen beauty pageants-stars kirsten dunst, sarah Michelle Geller, and Ellen Barkin), Happy Texas(also a spoof centered around a child's beauty pageant, and two escaped convicts who steal the car of two gay beauty show consultants and pretend to be them- brilliant performances that get funnier with multiple viewings), and Entropy(a budding film director and his ineptitude in relationships- some truly bizarre visuals and just downright funny)

-- FutureShock (gray@matter.think), November 17, 2000.

Flora,..Rebecca..YES! I love that movie, to this day!

FS..fitting that a teen beauty queen be played by someone named kirsten, doncha think?? :-)

-- etc etc.. (kritter@adelphia.blah.blah.blah), November 17, 2000.

'Sumer, yes -- Sling Blade! Did you see it? The lead role played by Billy Bob Thornton was one of the greatest characterizations I've ever seen on film -- right up there with John Hurt's The Elephant Man.

And another vote for Field Of Dreams and Being John Malkovich. Greats, both.

Life is Beautiful and Shakespeare in Love were both absolutely wonderful.

But probably two of the greatest ever, for me, were Jean De Flourette and Manon De Les Sources -- the second is the sequel to the first. French, with subtitles. My emotions were spilling out all over the house on those.

I haven't seen Rebecca, but that one's on my list now.

-- eve (, November 17, 2000.

"I.Q.", came out 4 or 5 years ago. Stars Meg Ryan as Einstein's niece.

-- Peter Errington (, November 17, 2000.

Another Sleeper. Directed by Robert Redford, starring Ruben Blades: The Milagro Beanfield War. No one say it. See it.

Also, an absolutely marvelous film by John Sayles: Matewan-stars john cusack and david straithorn-about coal miners forming a union-Sayles has slumped of late, but this early film is in my top ten-I am a snob (really?) and this says something.

-- FutureShock (gray@matter.think), November 17, 2000.

OK, going to point out one of faves of all time.....Bedazzled (the ORIGINAL), 1967. Stars Peter Cooke and Dudley Moore, with an appearance by Raquel Welch as "Lust".

It is absolutely, positively one of the most hilarious films you will ever see.

I was truly disappointed that it had been re-made. Won't see it.

I'll think of others later.

-- Patricia (, November 17, 2000.

Sabrina...the re-make

-- cin (cin@cin.cin), November 17, 2000.

Just about anything with Kevin Spacey or Tom Hanks.

-- Lars (, November 17, 2000.

Maybe I'm weird but "Groundhog Day" is one of my favs. Quirky, funny, and romantic.

I'll second "Andromeda Strain".

And it might be run into overkill soon, but "It's a Wonderful Life" is one of the best movies ever made. I always get choked up at the end. *sniff*

And an overlooked old movie, the murder mystery "Laura" with Alan Ladd.

-- Uncle Deedah (, November 17, 2000.

Good heavens, not Alan Ladd, Dana Andrews! Forgive me please.

Hey, since I am chatting up Dana Andrews, try out the cult classic "Hot Rods to Hell" with him as the back pain crippled dad trying to protect his family from punky teenagers gone bad. It's so tacky it's groovy.

-- Uncle Deedah (, November 17, 2000.

Have to go along with It's A Wonderful Life; no matter how many times I see it, I still lose it at the end.

That's the one I forgot -- The Usual Suspects. One of the best films I've ever seen. Excellent cast. (Yeah, yeah, yeah, "eye-candy" is a factor; but the story is excellent.)

I remember seeing Hot Rods so long ago.....will have to see if I can find it at the video store.

Almost any Bogart movie -- especially The Maltese Falcon.

-- Patricia (, November 17, 2000.

a simple plan, with billy bob thornton, is GREAT! also, if you havent seen resorvoir dogs, nows the time!. other favorites, goddfellas, the godfather. if you have never seen jaws, rent it today!. also, the outlaw josey wales, and all of the clint eastwood flicks featuring dirty harry callahan. also see, the eiger sanction!

-- ed (, November 18, 2000.

Breaking the Waves - talk about crying...more like sobbing. Decidedly a chick flick. Unk you'd love this one =)

Love Serenade - offbeat comedy about two really weird sisters - bizarre but hilarious . Great soundtrack.

Both independent foreign films on video

-- cin (cin@cin.cin), November 18, 2000.

Contact and Field of Dreams - two of the most boring movies I've ever seen. Really...true story.


-- cin (cin@cin.cin), November 18, 2000.

"Inn of the Sixth Happiness"

Ingrid Bergman stars in the story of Gladys Aylward.

-- breathing (, November 18, 2000.

"The Milagro Beanfeild War"- yup " Matewan" -yup . Another good one "Like water for chocolate"

-- KoFE (your@town.USA), November 18, 2000.

cin, here's what I think of "chick flicks". Let's try "Pretty Woman", a story about a whore who meets a billionaire. We all know how desperate Richard Gere would be if he was a billionaire driving a Ferarri, he would HAVE to hire a streetwalker because he is such a doggy. Yup. Then he would hire her for a week to meet his bidness associates, I mean, we all take whores to bidness meetings don't we? Sure we do. Then we fall in love with them because every hooker has a heart of gold. Yes we do. Then we buy the Brooklyn Bridge.


Hey Sumer, really, if you haven't seen "Laura" check it out, it's a real classic film noir murder mystery, guaranteed to please or your money back.

Editorial Reviews essential video

Know how sometimes you can't get a song out of your head? Well, watch this Otto Preminger classic at your own peril: Even if you've never heard the title tune before, you'll be humming it long after the movie is over. A tricky mystery, the film deals with the murder of a popular young woman, with whom several men seem to be involved. But the most unusual is the police detective (Dana Andrews) who, as he sifts through the clues, finds himself drawn over and over to the painted portrait of the murdered woman until he becomes obsessed with her. Preminger won the Oscar as best director, though he finished the film after Rouben Mamoulian started it. Oscars also went to the cinematography, the screenplay, and supporting actor Clifton Webb, as the acidic columnist who was close to Laura. --Marshall Fine

-- Uncle Deedah (, November 18, 2000.

Oh yeah, "Simon Birch" and "Stand by Me"

-- Uncle Deedah (, November 18, 2000.

Blade Runner


UHF (with Wierd Al)

The Philadelphia Experiment (but by all means, if you see the sequel - destroy it)

-- butt nugget (, November 18, 2000.


OR............... get a camera and make your own movies!!! plus it helps heat the house : o

-- capnfun (, November 18, 2000.

The Green Mile...from a Stephen King novel...3 hour movie but worth it.

Think I just might rent the Perfect Storm for tonite!!

-- Peg (em@i.l), November 18, 2000.

A thread from earlier this year on movies.

The next obvious Poll-What Movies are you watching, lately?

-- (also@see.this), November 18, 2000.

Okay, will rent Laura over thanksgiving weekend.

Capn, cant make own movies, always too many damn people in my house but, now, the cruise, well, we could have made MANY movies...tee hee.


-- (, November 21, 2000.


I could not let this thread die without saying-WOW-we agree on something. It may be the first and last time, but it must be acknowledged.

-- FutureShock (gray@matter.think), November 21, 2000.

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