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It's been widely reported that Kerry Weaver will end up in some kind of a lesbian relationship with Elizabeth Mitchell's character Dr. Legaspi for sweeps. In September reported that she had been signed on for four episodes in a small story arc....but she's up to her third one now and there's nothing happening. Has anyone heard anything more? I've looked around but no spoilers on this relationship at all. Is this turning into a season long development? Thanks, spring

-- spring nguyen (, November 17, 2000


I think you should have mentioned a spoiler in the topic and worded the title differently.








There has been no additional word since the additional anouncements that Elizabeth Mitchell had signed on for four episodes about the length of her contract. Lola Glaudini was originally going to play Mitchell character and she had signed on for six episode. It is very possible that she has signed on for six episodes. There really has been not been any details about what is going to transpire between them. We know something is going to happen. The National Enquirer recently gave their speculation of what is going to happen. However, I take what they said with a grain of salt. Laura Innes was interviewed recently in Out magazine and the only spoiler it gave was that Kerry was going to be attracted to awoman. It really did not say how serious or how far therelationship was going to get.

-- Brenda (, November 17, 2000.

I am VERY sorry about the lack of spoiler space. I generally don't take casting information as spoilers - but I guess this would be a surprise to many, many people. I am very sorry to any who have been spoiled by this, I screwed up. Brenda, thanks for the info though. -spring

-- spring nguyen (, November 17, 2000.

*yawn* I'm so bored with this subject I don't even have the strength to make a snarky starfish remark.

-- Cecelia (, November 17, 2000.

Gee Brenda, I think you were a little harsh there about the "spoiler space!" Since Kerry hasn't had the "lesbian experience" yet, I figured there would be spoiler info in this thread. The title was sufficient. It's easy to figure out that if we're talking about an upcoming episode, then it'll probably contain spoilers. I think people are getting a little bent out of shape about posting spoilers. Grow up already!! Just don't visit this web site if you don't want to know about future episodes.

-- Ellen (, November 17, 2000.

I love spoilers. I try to find as many as I can. However, there are some people out there who don't want to be spoiled and have no idea that Kerry is slated to have some type of relationship with a woman. Some of these people probably would have been spoiled to read Kerry lesbian relationship in the title.

-- Brenda (, November 17, 2000.

So Brenda, are you with the "spoiler police?" I wouldn't worry about other people so much. If it doesn't bother you about spoilers, then it doesn't matter. If people come across a spoiler and it ruins their day, then they should exit this website.

-- Ellen (, November 17, 2000.

Well, it was my bad for putting a plot development in the title. But I really thought it was common knowledge anyway, if you're a fan of the show and have found this web page - you probably would've read it in a paper somewhere or other because there was heavy publicity in September. might catch some people by surprise - so I take responsiblity. Usually with gay storylines they build up and build up to a point when you just want them to get it over already. In regard to the starfish qualities of my post- sorry....but this is an original question (I looked). Liz Mitchell was signed on for four, but they are taking the story glacially slow.....and she was supposed to premiere in February but showed up months ahead. I'm wondering if they are going to stretch it until Frebruary, at which point she will be in for much longer than 4 episodes. The casting changes indicate a change in storyline- Lola Gaudilini and Liz Mitchell have completely different 'looks', so it's all up in the air. I really came hear out of desperation because I thought y'all would be the best sources. And you are- so thanks again.

-- spring (, November 18, 2000.

No, she's not. But I am the police around here, and phloem sez people should be more careful. It's even in the guidelines and everything.

It's "original" because I keep deleting these things. Maybe I should leave this one around as a warning to the next ten generations that some questions come at too high a price.. (Then again, tne number of people who actually dig around in the archives is slim to none, so I don't know what its deterrence value would be.)

-- Mike Sugimoto (, November 18, 2000.

Mike, I understand your point. But I think this whole discussion about spoilers is taken way too seriously. I know, rules are rules. It's pretty hard to avoid spoilers in this discussion forum, because a lot of the replies to the original posts will mention something about an upcoming episode, even if the original post doesn't include a spoiler. I don't enjoy reading people's posts when they have to write "spoiler" everywhere. That gets a little annoying. People really need to lighten up a little, it's just a TV show. If reading about something in a future episode upsets you that bad, then you shouldn't be here. Just my opinion and I don't mean to offend anyone!!

-- Ellen (, November 18, 2000.

Well, all spoiler related comments aside, I have one question: Why on earth is it that the female character who is ballsy and aggressive has to be a lesbian?? I think it speaks volumes about the general public's prejudices about strong women. If this story line pans out, I'll be quite dissapointed in the show's writers.

-- Brandy Martinez-Rogers (, November 19, 2000.

Brandy, your comment was very interesting and I have been thinking along the same lines. Maggie Doyle, who started the ball rolling against Romano's sexual harassment of the female staff, and was no doubt a strong character, was also "coincidentally" a lesbian. I have also been thinking recently that Elizabeth Corday has become too soft for my taste ... she was much more assertive and FUN in her first season. (I think fondly of her comment to Romano, "Oh, stop being such a prick!"; to Peter, "Shedding your skin, Doctor Snake?"; and to that really short doctor, "I knew you were old, but I didn't realize you were so short!") She had brass ovaries ... and now she seems a little less assertive. I'm disappointed.

-- Cindy (, November 20, 2000.

Cindy, I see your point, but I think she still has it. Think back to last season and even this season w/ the surgeon shortage (when Corday seemed to be the ONLY surgeon around)...they can argue very well about medical cases but be a wonderful couple after work. The reason I like Elizabeth so much is because she is so strong and opinionated, but also very compassionate and sweet...she has many characteristics that some of the characters only have half of, and it makes her very fun to watch, JMHO.

As for Dr. Legespi, I don't see her as "typically" a lesbian. I know some are sick of the stereotypes, but honestly, if I didn't know about the spoilers and TPTB didn't stick in those hints, I would be surprised later that she is a lesbian. I think she's a very "quirky" character, and I really like quirky characters. I think they need more of them. But again, JMHO.

-- Elaine (, November 20, 2000.

Spoilers are great, if only i could find the full episode before right now...... damn, must wait till thurs!

-- Steven Jacobson (, February 12, 2001.

My my my, well I can happliy confirm that the lesbian storyline is just hitting our TV screens over here in the UK. Congratulations to the writers for a VERY sensitive and mature approach into what can and hopefully will become a serios "relationship" - NO MORE STEREOTYPES PLEASE - NOT ALL OF US ARE MAN-HATING MURDERERS!!!!!!!!

-- MADnBAD (, May 24, 2001.

I also like the character of Kim Legespi. The description of "quirky" is apropo. I understand she'll be continued into season 8. I would also say that Legespi IS the "typical" lesbian, as is, apparently, the ballsy and aggresive Kerry (who also can be vulnerable and kind, as we have seen her with her patients and especially in the evolution of her character in this past season's shows). I hope if this storyline does anything, beyond fleshing the character of Kerry out, so to speak, it is to remind us all that, indeed, lesbians/gays are not cut from the same mold. Besides, why shouldn't we celebrate their (Kerry and Kim's)relationship?, much like we do Abby/Luka, Abby/Carter, Corday/Benton, Corday/Green, Carol/Doug, etc., etc...I hope the writers (and the viewers)have the imagination and the courage to continue this storyline, rather than relegate it to the proverbial gay experiment phase.

-- Malik (, August 06, 2001.

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