Why did Lady Jane Greys reign collapse?

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Im doing research for an essay on Lady Jane Grey, the question is the reasons behind the collapse of her reign, but I've found it quite hard, getting info that relates to the end of her life and her relationship with Northumberland, if anyone has any ideas, could you please e-mail me? Thanks

-- Marie-Louise Stares (mstares@hotmail.com), November 17, 2000


Reading Alison Plowden's excellent 'Lady Jane Grey and the House of Suffolk' (Suffolk & Jackson 1985)will give you all the reliable information you want I think it has been republished or you may find a copy in your library. You can read my new novel when it is published but that will be another year or so!

Peter Carroll.

-- Peter Carroll (peter@daphne61.freeserve.co.uk), November 28, 2000.

Sorry, the publishers were Sidgwick & Jackson (not Suffolk) of course and a copy was republished in New York 1986.

Peter Carroll.

-- Peter Carroll (peter@daphne61.freeserve.co.uk), November 28, 2000.

I am also writing an essay on the same subject for my history a-level. I found an excellent source of information in the book by Hester W. Chapman which was hard to find but very useful.

-- Bj hanson (pinksequins@aol.com), February 25, 2001.

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