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I just purchased a Minox GT-E and am very pleased with it. Normally I shoot with a SLR on which I keep a screw-on skylight filter. This way, if the filter ever gets scratched I can unscrew it, and screw on a new one without ever having damaged the lense. The Skylight filter on the Minox GT-E is an integral part of the lens and thus it is harder to change in case of scratches. It looks like it is held on by two screws and thus should be easy to change if needed. Does anyone know where I can purchase a replacemnt "integral" skyight filter (and focusing ring because they are attached)? I am not talking about the skylight filter accessory that Minox sells. That filter screws onto the camera, and does not allow the camera to be closed. I am specifically looking for a way to replace the skylight filter that sits in front of the lens and light meter assembly.

Any suggestions?

Thanks Leslie

-- Leslie Gelberger (, November 16, 2000

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