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I am looking for photos of the Rexall Train during its 1936 tour of the United States and Canada. The train was in Charlotte, NC for sure on Oct 20 before heading to Memphis. In November the train roamed around Florida before ending the tour in Atlanta. The original schedule called for visits to Orlando on Nov 12, Tampa-Nov 13, Miami-Nov 14-16, Jacksonville-Nov 17, Valdosta-Nov 18, Columbus, Ga on Nov 19. The train terminated for sure on Nov 22-24, probably at Terminal Station. Photos will be used in Rexall Drug Co article for TRRA Hist Society magazine - your photo will be returned following publication in January.

-- Larry Thomas (, November 16, 2000


As long as I have been around,I have never seen a photo of this train in Florida.I have, over the years done a LOT of research,read books, files and looked at numberous photos.It is like photos of one of the "Zephyrs" which also came to Florida in the 30's,none to be found.

-- Joseph Oates (, November 16, 2000.

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